About CD printing notes

The general imported CDs are PSD and TIF maps, except that PSD files of unconsolidated layers can be identified by attributes after import, other (1) merged PSDs, (2) unmerged TIFs, (3) ) The three images of the merged TIF file cannot be distinguished after the CD has been imported. Imported PSD -----

Quality Control of Flexo Labels

The control link of printing quality of flexo cigarettes With the improvement of people's environmental awareness, the flexo printing technology has become more and more sophisticated, and due to the intensified competition in the packaging and decoration of the tobacco industry, the new print-----

Bar code printing quality control and management

First, the bar code quality control Bar code quality directly affects the use of barcodes. Bar codes that fail to meet quality requirements will not only improve management efficiency, but will cause confusion. Although the quality of bar codes has increased to some extent in recent years, exampl-----

Bestsellers need updated packaging

If the brand is likened to a face of a product, then the names, logos, etc. are the features on the face, and the packaging deserves to be a face. It can be said that packaging is part of the brand, there is no brand without packaging, and there is no brand that can not carry out market competitio-----