The world's first full 3D printed revolver debut

Recently, mechanical engineering student James Patrick showed the full-featured PM522 Washbear.22 LR revolver he designed and 3D printed . All the other parts of the entire pistol are completely 3D printed, except for the striker, several rubber bands acting as springs, and a certain-----

Mobile power purchase tips, how can you not be fooled?

With the rise of smartphones and tablets, mobile applications have become more and more widely used, especially for mobile phones and tablet users. This has greatly increased the demand for mobile power. It is necessary to understand the mobile power purchase knowledge to avoid being deceived and-----

How to repair damaged skin after Halloween makeup?

After Halloween makeup, you will face a tough skin repair problem, remove the heavy makeup, clear the blocked pores, etc. Work well, learn the following 5 measures, let you learn how to repair the damage skin. Do not over-clean before heavy makeup After the heavy makeup, everyone wants to do a ve-----