Water-based ink pigments (five)

3, yellow pigment Diphenylamine Yellow (PY12, PY13, PY14) and Hansa Yellow (PY3) pigments can be used in water-based inks with excellent color strength, gloss, and leveling, but poor rheological properties in individual acrylic systems. . Chromium yellow pigments have good flowability, opacity, -----

Martini Launches Latest Concepta Web Press

Martini improved the original production method and introduced the latest Concepta web printing press, which was once exhibited at Drupa 2004 and Print 05. This printer is currently being installed in the United States. It mainly communicates two concepts to the public: variable offset printing le-----

Paper packaging anti-collision structure

Patent Name Paper Packaging Anti-collision Structure Patent Applicant Cheng Yi Paper Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address Kaohsiung, Taiwan Inventor Zhong Ziyi Application (Patent) No. 200420118111.4 Application Date 2004.11.09 Award Date Audit No. 2741902 Auditing Announcement Date 2005.11.23 Ma-----

Solvent-free two-component polyurethane adhesive

â–  Product Type Normal > MOR-FREE 403LV/ C-411 and C-83 are solvent-free two-component polyurethane adhesives used at room temperature. â–  Application range Normal > MOR-FREE 403LV/ C-411 and C-83 are suitable for compounding transparent film and aluminum foil. Normal > -----

Tumbler inflatable "bottle" into the rum

Into the Central Exhibition Hall of Shenzhen Packaging Exhibition Group of Xi'an Oriental Hotel, a nearly two-meter tumbler large inflatable "beer bottle" attracted everyone's attention, this is Shenzhen Nanhonghui Plastic Packaging Products Co., Ltd. for liquor manufacturers The-----