Overview of steel doors

There are two types of steel doors, one is called steel wood interior door for interior decoration, and the other is called armored door. The above two kinds of doors are developed from the security door. Many things are transferred from the security door. The structure is a mixed structure of -----

[May period] Mele amphibious shoes Read more>>

Reviewer: Blue blossoming brand: Mele test shoes: female amphibious shoes R387766 37.5# Assessment location: hiking, hiking, upstream, Olympic Park Let me introduce this brand first: First of all, I would like to thank Meleco and Greenfield for this free evaluation activity. The first time it w-----

Bound smart card system model based on 3G network

1 Overview With the development of 3G networks and advances in microelectronics technology, smart card hardware resources are becoming more and more abundant, making it possible to develop a chip operating system (COS) that can adapt to 3G networks and can be implemented in smart cards. At the sa-----

Smart card operating system research and case analysis

A smart card is a smart IC card, also known as a CPU card or a microprocessor card or a smart card. The smart card chip has a microcomputer hardware and software configuration, such as: CPU, RAM, ROM, EEPROM, COS operating system, and also has an encryption device for information security protecti-----