Zinc Oxide Arrester What are the characteristics

Zinc Oxide Arrester What are the characteristics of zinc oxide surge arresters simple structure, good protection performance, large flow capacity, low residual voltage, wireless flow. According to its rated voltage is divided into several kinds of 0.28,0.5,7.6,12.7,41KV and so on. Due to protectio-----

Food industry stimulates packaging market development

[ppzhan Abstract] With the development of the economy, packaging has been internalized as part of the product, especially in the food sector. Looking at the current food market, there is almost no packaging that does not exist. The development of the food industry directly provides a broad market fo-----

Graphic printing overprinting failure processing

The overprint accuracy of plate prints is one of the important factors for measuring product quality. However, due to improper operation technology and technical measures, there are many phenomena in the printing process, such as pin position instability and overprint misalignment. Analyzing the f-----