Circular press die cutting machine stacker

In the past 18 months, the rotary die cutter in the corrugated box industry has re-invented the production of larger-size cardboard, faster machine setup and more complex and diverse paperboard package delivery - these production characteristics have shown a strong interest. These market demands d-----

The basics of ink color

The color of an ink on paper After the ink is printed on the substrate, such as paper, its color is reflected by the reflection and transmission of light, which is represented by the subtractive method of the color material. When the ink is transparent, a portion of the light irradiated thereon i-----

The problem of discoloration of waste film

At present, there are several kinds of waste film on the market, including large-area film, plastic film, industrial product packaging film, and non-staple food packaging film. How to remove the printing ink, the product specification, etc. These inks are mainly faded. Various solvents. For exampl-----

Gray balance and dot enlargement principle (2)

Third, network expansion and outlet expansion curve (1) Expanding outlets Dot enlargement is a kind of dot size change phenomenon that occurs during the process of plate making and printing. It makes the actual dot area larger than the expected dot area. (II) Types of outlet expansion The proc-----