U.S. Develops Novel Polyolefin Packaging Materials

The United States has introduced a new type of polyolefin series and its new resins, new processes, and new additives. It has a variety of excellent properties such as high transparency. For example, the isotactic polypropylene and syndiotactic polypropylene homopolymers have a melt flow rate of 25 g/10 min, and the stretching forming pressures are 10488×106 KPa and 5796×105 KPa, respectively, and the tensile yield pressures are respectively 3 176×104KPa and 2415×104KPa, the haze is 58.7% and 15.5%, respectively. Blending highly transparent syndiotactic polypropylene (70%) with conventional polypropylene homopolymer (30%) will have far greater clarity than other materials. Particularly suitable for packaging requiring high transparency.


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