Test Analysis of Oxygen Blocking Performance of Packaging Containers (2)

3 Domestic Breakthroughs in Container Barrier Testing

Labthink's newly developed TOY-C1 container/film oxygen permeability meter adopts the electrochemical test principle and has dual functions of detecting the oxygen permeability of the film and packaging container, meeting the requirements of ASTM F 1307, ASTM D 3985 and other standards. The test chamber is made of stainless steel and has a high surface finish to facilitate sample sealing.

The TOY-C1 container oxygen permeability test has the following characteristics:

1. The material used in the oxygen chamber is excellent in barrier properties and bulky. It can meet the test of 2.5L and 2.5L plastic bottles and other packaging containers. The bottle size is less than φ120mm and the bottle height is less than 360mm. If an oxygen chamber is not used for open measurement, there is no limit to the dimensions of the packaging container.

2. The unique container fixing structure facilitates a firm seal at the container mouth. The specifications of the bottle mouth are: the inner diameter is larger than φ13mm, the outer diameter is smaller than φ50mm, and there is a special attachment support for detecting bags and boxes. No need to seal the gas pipeline, the sample is easy to fix and replace.

3. The test temperature is the ambient temperature of the laboratory, but the special design of the oxygen chamber helps maintain the temperature in the test environment.

Figure 2. TOY-C1 packing container fixing method

Figure 2 shows the schematic diagram of how the TOY-C1 sample is fixed during the oxygen permeability test of the plastic bottle. In the future, the “Blue Light Laboratory Forum” will provide a detailed introduction to the fixation and oxygen permeability tests of various types of packaging.

Source: Languang Laboratory

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