Circular press die cutting machine stacker

In the past 18 months, the rotary die cutter in the corrugated box industry has re-invented the production of larger-size cardboard, faster machine setup and more complex and diverse paperboard package delivery - these production characteristics have shown a strong interest. These market demands drove the research of Geo.M. Martin in California in these areas. Therefore, the company has provided new ideas for the stacking and separating process of cardboard in spring and autumn this year - a series of new model stackers.

Geo. Martin has introduced a new type of "smart stacking" operator operation program - precise machine setting system, reduced set-up time, full-featured system storage, accurate call for new orders, and system equipment that can be adjusted in real time .

The new model die-cutting machine will have the ability to efficiently handle non-conventional shaped die-cut cardboard. These new features will bring higher productivity to the carton factory, reduce the operator's work intensity and better product performance.

Forged Aluminum Nonstick Saucepan offers style, exceptional cooking functionality plus easy cleaning convenience to make a welcome addition to any cookware collection

Forged aluminum construction with a thick base for fast and even heat distribution

nonstick interior coating ensures easy food release and quick cleanups

Black finished aluminum exterior

Suitable for use on most stove types

Clear glass lid with cool-touch knob handle lets you visibly monitor cooking progress without letting heat and moisture from escaping

Aluminum and tempered glass

sauce pan

Forged Aluminum Sauce Pan

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