Yuyin launches TYM800 automatic hot stamping die cutting machine

Hebei Yuyin TYM800 Automatic Bronzing Die-cutting Machine is a new generation of machines with unique functions, automatic control of industrial computer heating, aluminum foil walking and jumping; PLC programmable human-machine interface control, with a powerful diagnostic function; main motor Inverter stepless speed regulation, smooth running and power saving, horizontal hot stamping, vertical hot stamping, maximum stamping speed 5000/hour, high die-cutting pressure, high precision, maximum cutting speed 7,500 sheets/hour .

Sheepskin Saddle Pad is more soft than ordinary saddle cloth. We can produce dressage sheepskin saddle pad, half sheepskin saddle pad. Other customized styles are also possible if you want. Tell me your sizes and requirements, you  can have your own style saddle pad, adding your own logo is also no problem. Geniune sheepskin is imported from Australia.

The shape of sheepskin inside have two styles so far, for example, like a small saddle pad, or a small Western Saddle Pad. The inside sheepskin middle, with or without groove.


sheepskin  saddle pad

Sheepskin Saddle Pad

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