Daily chemical industry in various forms of flexible packaging bags

Normal > In the daily chemical industry, the beginning of flexible packaging bags is only the main method for refilling or disposable packaging of plastic bottles. With the continuous innovation of flexible packaging, for example, the development of liquid self-supporting bags to make it standable, it has also been developed. The top of the bag or the side of the bag is filled with a mouth for easy pouring, etc. The application fields of flexible bags are also becoming more and more extensive. In order to cooperate with daily chemical companies to establish their own differentiated sales, the appearance of flexible packaging bags is also becoming increasingly diversified, and it is a frequently adopted method for new product packaging. At present, it is widely used in the form of soft packaging bags and applications on daily chemical products:

Normal > l      Three-side sealed bags

Normal > is the primary packaging method for disposable daily products. Widely used in washing powder, shampoo, and cosmetics promotional equipment.

Normal > l      Shaped bags

Normal > Breaking through the traditional shape, the company can freely design the shape of the product packaging, which is more conducive to the company's promotion of the product. Shaped packaging bags can make the product different. Widely used in a variety of daily chemical products, disposable packaging and promotional equipment.

Normal >

Normal > l      Special double bag packaging

Normal > Distribute two different contents to make it more convenient for consumers. Widely used in shampoos and hair conditioners.

Normal >

Normal > l      Mouthed liquid standing pouch

Normal > This kind of liquid standing pouch with mouth, combining the dual advantages of plastic bottles and flexible packaging, not only lightweight and environmentally friendly, but also has the characteristics of easy dumping, conducive to filling, re-storage, shelf display and so on. Breakthroughs in flexible packaging have always been limited to bottle refills and disposable packaging. This self-supporting bag has a diagonal mouth and a straight mouth. Diagonal mouth is welded to the bevel at the mouth. It is very popular in Europe and is generally convenient for large-capacity packaging of more than 300ml. The straight mouth is welded to the top of the mouth and is popular in Japan. Generally used for small-capacity packaging.

Normal >

Normal > l      Imitation mouth type liquid standing bag

Normal > Makes the angle of the bag resembling a mouth to facilitate pouring and filling. It is a modified form of refill and disposable packaging.

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Normal > Source: Global Flexible Packaging Industry

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