Yutian Chuanjiang Printing & Packaging Machinery Factory successfully developed a new type of automatic paper crepe machine

In mid-August, the reporter received information from Xie Chaoping Engineer of Yutian Chuanjiang Printing and Packaging Machinery Factory. The company successfully developed a new type of automatic paper-grinding machine—C-J1300B series of laminating machines (laminators).

This series of paper machine is a new generation of paper-cutting equipment with independent intellectual property rights based on the company's C-J1300A semi-automatic paper machine and C-J1300S automatic machine. The equipment uses bottom paper (corrugated paper) suction gap to send paper, to ensure the machine to move paper more smoothly and accurately; to achieve "a multi-energy" - can adapt to A, B, C, D, E, F, N 楞, three Layers, five layers, and cardboard can also be smoothly conveyed; the whole machine is frequency-controlled, adjustable to any desired speed, saving the time required for adjustment of traditional machines, thereby increasing production efficiency; using photoelectric control to move paper ,Adjustment accuracy according to the need to make adjustments (front paper operation, alignment, backward); save operators, the traditional operation of the machine requires 4 people, and the aircraft only 2 people can complete the operation, and a number of places with security The system provides the operator with the right to protect the case; the original electrical appliance uses Omron and other internationally renowned brands to ensure the machine's zero-failure rate in long-term operation.

According to the company, because the machine is much lower in price than a fully automatic paper crepe machine, it is second in speed to a fully automatic paper crepe machine and is much better than a semi-automatic crepe machine. The praise of friends, the current sales situation is good.

Source: Global corrugated box industry

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