Hitachi and others have developed ultra-small UWB wireless tags

Japan YRP Ubiquitous Network Research Institute and the Hitachi Institute of Technology's Central Research Institute have jointly developed ultra-small wireless tags "UWB Dice" that use pulsed UWB (Ultra Wideband) technology to communicate. UWB Dice integrates a 1cm square main board, an antenna backplane, and a coin cell battery (CR1025 is used in the sample) in a square box with a side length of 1cm. The mainboard is equipped with a control microcontroller and a UWB RF chip.

The wireless signal used in UWB has a center frequency of 4.1 GHz and a bandwidth of 1.4 GHz. A 2 ns pulse is sent every 30 ns. The communication speed is between 250K and 10Mbit/sec. The communication distance of 30m can be ensured at a transmission speed of 250Kbit/sec. The RF part of the standard complies with IEEE 802.15.4a that is being developed. The power consumption is 19mA for transmission and 1.0μA for standby. If you use the mode of sending once every 5 minutes, a 150mAh button battery can be used for 9 years.

After receiving pulses from multiple base stations and measuring the time difference, the position of the tag can be determined and the positioning accuracy is 30 cm. At the press conference, the proposed drug shelf was demonstrated. For example, this function can be used to display in real time which medicines are placed on each shelf, and the wrong position or the sensor built into the label can give a warning when the temperature of the storage position rises.

For UWB Dice, YRP Ubiquitous Networking Research Institute professor Yoo Cunjian on behalf of the University of Tokyo explained: “The degree of completion has reached the level where it can immediately be put into commercial use.” However, “There is no UWB communication law in Japan. The improvement of laws and regulations can be put into practical use in Japan. It is expected that it will wait until around March 2007." Yumura predicted.

YRP Ubiquitous Network Research Institute and Hitachi will continue to improve it in the future, adding receiving functions in UWB Dice so that it can be used in areas such as sensor networks. "It is estimated that UWB Dice can be sent and received next year."

Source: Jiagong Machine Grid

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