Aluminum foil heat sealing adhesive for pharmaceutical packaging (vc)

Product Overview: This product is imported high polymer, finely processed by scientific formula. , But also according to the different requirements of users to provide different sealing heat sealing adhesive.

Product use: This product can be used in the heat sealing and bonding of PTP aluminum foil and PVC hard film in the production of pharmaceuticals, the inner coating of beer beverage caps, and the heat sealing and bonding of various metal sheets and PVC, and the bonding of paper and paper. , Heat sealing of metal decorative tape.

Product features: ester as the main solvent, with no offensive odor, low toxicity, suitable for dryness, no paste, no dirty plate, no corrosive plate material, excellent printing adaptability, low viscosity, high solid content, Fast drying speed The product has good transparency, high bonding strength, wide heat-sealable bonding temperature, and low heat-sealing adhesive strength.

Specifications: 1, Physical properties Item Index Appearance transparent colorless or light yellow liquid Solid content (%) 20 ~ 30 %
Viscosity (coating 4-cup, 25°C, s) 40±5
Heat seal strength (N/15mm) 3 7
Drying property Does not bond at room temperature

2. Chemical properties Item indicators Abnormal toxicity in accordance with the requirements of the People's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia Volatile substances (mg/0.02m2) ≤ 4
Fluorescent substance must not be in the form of flakes Elution test Oxide consumption 0.02mol/L KmnO4 amount ≤ 1.00ml
Heavy metal ppm ≤ 0.25

Product Verification: Coating on domestic gravure printing presses achieves better printing adaptability, transparency, abrasion resistance and unwinding, and heat-seal adhesive strength.
Product technical information content: Formulation, manufacturing process, raw material supply list, equipment inventory, recipe maintenance methods, raw material inspection and product quality inspection, cost accounting, usage methods

Source: China Tobacco Packaging Ink Information Network

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