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The rapid pace of change in the packaging industry is beyond the reach of many other industries. In the beverage market, the replacement of product packaging is no longer based on quarters, but on a monthly basis. In the summer market, some beverage products even introduced a new package in a few weeks. Nowadays, multinational companies are rapidly entering the Chinese liquid food market, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Looking at the beverage packaging market in China, we have found that domestic companies are increasingly homogenous in product packaging, and there is still a big gap with foreign innovative product design concepts. In this issue, we will showcase a number of advanced beverage packaging abroad and hope readers can be inspired.

South Korea launches soybean soup products packed in aseptic carton packs

In response to the rapid growth of the market and increasingly fierce competition, only innovation and differentiation can make breakthroughs, and packaging that combines the characteristics of the product itself will enable manufacturers to win more market opportunities.

Korean Hanmi Soymilk launched an innovative fast food soup product in South Korea. The fiber-rich KongGukMul brand soy soup is a delicious combination of soybean and broth that is suitable for breakfast with noodles.

KongGukMul brand soy soup is packed in a SIG Combibloc mini-carton, which is easy to carry and safe. Consumers can drink this souped product directly when they are hungry or in a hurry. Simply use the straw that comes with the package. It can also be used as a meal or as a supplement to a nutritious meal. There is no doubt that the Hanmi snack soup is the best choice for urban nomads and will certainly be loved by modern people who lack the free time to make food without wanting to miss the delicious food.

Plastic bottle packaging for pomegranate juice

POM Wonderful, a producer of fresh pomegranate juice and pomegranate juice drink in California, USA, with the help of Graham Packaging, is replacing bottles with polyethylene terephthalate bottle for its popularity. The packaging of healthy POM Wonderful pomegranate juice. This customized PET bottle can clearly demonstrate the product characteristics of POM Wonderful frozen pomegranate juice. The shape of PET bottle echoes the image of pomegranate, including the special “crown” of this fruit, which is also reflected in the bottleneck design. come out.

The containers consist of several spherical parts resembling the pomegranate one by one. Plastics are not easy to make into this kind of ball, said Ashok Suda, executive vice president of global food and beverages at Graham. “Spherical PET bottles are difficult to design, but pomegranates are becoming more and more popular, and this is history. Since the first frozen pomegranate juice has been beneficial to health, it is an attractive challenge to design and manufacture beverage bottles."

This type of bottle is easy to carry and handle, and is ideal for retail and wholesale stores that do not receive glass containers for safety and breakage problems.

Convenient and transparent stand-up pouched drinking water

Recently, a 6.75-oz. transparent stand-up pouch flavored drinking water was selectively sold in the eastern United States. This packaging first appeared in the field of beverage water packaging dominated by opaque metal membranes and foil membranes. Next, let's take a look at this information about the "Fruit Rapids" stand-up pouched drinking water with this waist and triangle bottom.

The American Beverage Company in Verona, Pa., owns the "Fruit Rapids" beverage brand, which entered into a packaging contract with California's SaddleSpring Beverage Company. SaddleSpring owns the patent for a transparent stand-up pouch, which has a stand-up pouch manufacturing facility in Winpak, Winnipeg, Canada, to produce this pouch. This transparent stand-up pouch consists of a roll material and a stamped film sandwiched with a coextruded substrate, and finally forms such a structure: polyester/PE/EVOH/PE/LLDPE. This 48-gallon transparent polyester was flexo-printed on the back of seven or eight color transparent papers, manufactured and shipped to Olmarc, North Lake, Illinois. In Olmarc, the machine hot-fills these stand-up pouches with drinks and pastes them with straw packaging.

Leemon Lemonade adopts transparent new packaging

Alpina Productos Alimenticios SA, a food and beverage packaging company in Sopo, Colombia, introduced a thermoformed polypropylene container for Le Lemonade.

This 200 ml plastic cup developed by Carpak, Rigid Packaging, has a long shelf life. "We can use ready-made equipment to produce this transparent container developed by Carpak, which is easy to produce and less expensive," said Federico Hincapie, a packaging engineer at Alpina. "The new lemonade glass is transparent, and consumers can see the natural lemon color of the product inside. The cup is strong, has good shock resistance, and is inexpensive." This dry-printed cup uses a foil-laminated lid To seal.

The Leemon glass of lemonade costs only 600 pesos, while the 350 ml PET package and the other new bottle sell for 1,100 pesos and 700 pesos respectively. “With this product's low price and up to 60 days of shelf life, we occupied the market that could not afford PET bottle packaging,” Hincapie said. “This new container helps us increase our market share.”

Source: Packaging Machinery

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