Thermoplastic resin liquid food bottle

At 60-80 °C, the liquid food is filled into a cylindrical container of PET. After the bottle is filled, the internal pressure of the bottle is immediately maintained at not more than 400 kPa, and at 5 °C, the internal pressure is maintained at not less than 40 kPa. Then, the bottle was sealed with a cap. Finally, after cooling for 10 minutes, the temperature of the liquid was maintained at not higher than 65°C. The bending strength of the bottle can reach not less than 392.3 N.

Source: Polyester Industry

Kids Toothbrush is designed for children who are developing. It has a variety of types and styles, some toothbrushes are designated to be suitable for the eruption of the deciduous teeth, suitable for the dentition, suitable for the mixed teeth of the milk and permanent teeth, and so on; and some for children 3~6 years, 6~9 years old, and the Toothbrush selected according to the condition of the children's mouth; if wearing the oral cavity, the toothbrush is also worn. Some fixed orthodontic appliances should use some special toothbrushes. For example, a toothbrush with a "V" shape.

Kids Toothbrush

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