Five points for ink jet selection consumables

For an individual user, having a printer capable of bearing documents, pictures, and photo output has gradually become a need and trend. A few years ago, it was considered a luxury for ordinary individuals to buy a thousand yuan or more ink-jet printers, but now it only takes a few hundred dollars to have a full-featured, good-quality home-type color printer. spray.

However, after solving the problem of the printer, the problem of printing consumables came out again. Now that there are many printing consumables on the market, coupled with the lack of understanding of some professional technologies, it is often at the time of purchase that manufacturers are peddled by various "individualized" propaganda, and do not know what kind of products to buy. In fact, when an individual user purchases printing consumables, he can quickly find the one that best suits him by comprehensively comparing the printing effects, product quality, consumables cost, service life, and after-sales service of the printing consumables. Printing supplies.

Print effect

When many users purchase printing consumables, there is a common mentality: When purchasing, they look for the most expensive original consumables. In fact, for users, the most intuitive way to reflect the quality of supplies is to print out the results, and the most direct way to understand the effect of printing is to compare the renderings of different brands of consumables: if it is a printed text, in addition to Pay attention to whether the color depth is uniform or not, but also need to observe whether the handwriting is clear, whether the print line is broken or not, and whether the stroke is accurate; if it is a print image, it is necessary to observe whether there is no paper jamming phenomenon on the paper and whether the graphic layering is clear. Is there a phenomenon of color cast or distortion, and whether the transition color is even and natural? By looking at the printed renderings, even if you are not a professional, you can clearly understand whether the effect of ink cartridge printing meets your needs.

product quality

After the printer's print head is used for a long time, nozzle clogging often occurs, and white lines, broken lines, stains, etc., appear in the print, and become more and more serious with the prolonged use of the print head. Many times, people often attribute this problem to the cause of the unstable quality of the printing consumables. They do not know that this problem may also be due to the fact that the ink does not settle and jam the print head. Therefore, when selecting printing consumables, the size and purity of ink droplets are important. If the user selects a good quality ink, the print head can also be used for longer.

Service life

What kind of product quality is good? Professionals generally like to recommend original consumables such as HP, Canon, and Epson; if they choose in the field of general-use professional consumables, they will recommend Tianwei and Grid's products because of stable quality and services like Tianwei. The thoughtful professional supplies manufacturers will produce corresponding ink cartridges according to different brand printers to ensure closer cooperation between ink and printer. Tianwei ink cartridge adopts a new light and water resistant pigment ink, which has very good waterproof performance; at the same time, through special ink penetration control technology, Tianwei ink cartridges can print clear and sharp images on plain paper and are comparable to laser printer texts. . In addition, the colorant of the lightfast, water-resistant pigment ink remains on the surface of the paper, giving higher color density and preventing the image from falling to the opposite side of the paper, thereby ensuring the quality requirements for the user's two-sided printing.

Consumables cost

Although the performance of the original consumables can not be questioned, but not a low price can not be said to be the pain of the printer user's heart, if it is cheap to buy counterfeit products, print out the effect is not a small matter, ruined The printer is in trouble. With the increasingly stringent monitoring of general-use consumables in product production and material selection, its product stability and print results are not inferior to original products. In terms of price, there is a clear difference between general-use consumables and original consumables. At present, general-use consumables on the market are 30% to 70% cheaper than the corresponding original consumables, and it is obvious for users to use cost-saving benefits.


The printer consumables are consumables, and the user will inevitably cause problems such as ink leakage, plugging, and the like during the daily use due to improper operation. Therefore, good after-sales service and technical support are very important to users. For example, the famous consumables manufacturer Tianwei has a relatively complete after-sales service system. In most parts of the country, there are online clinics and 800 free service calls. Users can call this phone to consult the solutions for various problems in the use of consumables. In order to facilitate business users and individual users in key sales regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenyang, Tianwei also provides on-site maintenance services in these areas. It is understood that this service has already begun to be introduced to other cities to truly eliminate the need for consumers. Troubles.

In general, when users want to purchase printing consumables, they must be able to personally experience the printing effects and service life of various consumables under the same printing conditions. If they have insufficient experience, they must at least comprehensively understand and compare the different products. Various known performance indicators, so as to find the most suitable product for you. With the more mature technology of general-use consumable products and the improvement of after-sales services, domestic well-known professional general-purpose consumables manufacturers like Tianwei and Gezhige have become, to a certain extent, very good choices for us, if we do not want to take a chance. , then the preferred Tianwei, grid grid will be your most effective "touchstone" when you identify supplies.

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