Bestsellers need updated packaging

If the brand is likened to a face of a product, then the names, logos, etc. are the features on the face, and the packaging deserves to be a face. It can be said that packaging is part of the brand, there is no brand without packaging, and there is no brand that can not carry out market competition.

The function and role of packaging in marketing

The initial role of packaging is to protect goods and facilitate transportation. With the development of the times, packaging has become a powerful marketing tool for companies. Good packaging not only provides convenience for consumers, but also creates marketing value for marketers.

First of all, it is conducive to customer self-service. In the era of marketing, consumers’ self-awareness increases. As supermarkets reach their homes, most consumers choose their own products. Therefore, packaging can better identify products, help consumers to make their own claims, and purchase them on their own. Beautiful packaging is more effective. Psychologically conquering buyers, increasing their desire to buy, packaging is undoubtedly played the role of a salesman, and even replaced the salesman.

Second, it helps companies establish a good brand image in the market competition. Well-designed packaging can provide enterprises with a competitive edge in market competition, especially for consumers who quickly identify which company or brand has a very obvious effect. For example, the Coca-Cola packaging is clear and has individual characteristics.

As the market competition shifts from the intrinsic quality, price, and cost competition of goods to a higher level brand image competition, the packaging image will directly reflect the image of a brand and a company. The common and daily consumption characteristics of food as a commodity make it more important to convey and establish a corporate brand image through packaging.

Third, it provides marketers with innovative opportunities. Packaging innovation can bring great benefits to consumers, but also bring profit to marketers. Using innovative packaging is a brand new experience for companies and consumers.

The ultimate goal of enterprise competition is to make its own products acceptable to a wide range of consumers. The packaging of products includes information such as company name, corporate logos, trademarks, brand features, and product performance, component capacity, etc., and therefore the packaging image is better than other advertisements. The publicity media is more direct, vivid and more face-to-face with consumers. Consumers get a more intuitive and accurate brand and corporate image from product packaging when deciding on the purchase motivation. The facts show that modern packaging design has become an important part of corporate marketing strategy.

Finally, since packaging is the continuation of the production of goods, the products can be protected from various damages through the packaging and avoid reducing or losing their original value. Therefore, the value of the input package is not only compensated when the product is sold, but also adds value to the product.

The value-added role of packaging is not only reflected in the fact that packaging directly adds value to the product, but also reflects the brand value embodied in the brand name of the packaging. The contemporary market economy advocates brand-name strategy. There is a big difference between similar brand names; the brand itself does not have product attributes, but it can be auctioned, and the product form can be obtained by giving it a price, and the process of converting a brand into a product may be a business. Bring huge direct or potential economic benefits. Whether the packaging value-added strategy is used properly or not can even determine whether it can achieve a multiplier effect and a profit.

In short, the scientific rationality of modern packaging will affect the quality and reliability of the goods, and whether it can be conveyed to consumers in a perfect state. The level of packaging design and decoration directly affects the market competitiveness of the products themselves and even the brand and corporate image. .

How to Implement Commodity Packaging Strategy in Market Competition

Product packaging is the most direct and vivid reflection of corporate image. Modern enterprises pay more and more attention to the packaging image of products because the packaging images include corporate logos, trademarks, standard fonts, and standard colors. The creation and recognition of brand names first established and recognized the image of product packaging. After a large number of repeated and repeated presentations and consumptions of packaged products, its product image was directly and effectively printed in the eyes of consumers.

All reasonable packaging of science can summarize, clearly, centrally, and profoundly reflect the connotation of the quality of goods and demonstrate the quality image of the company. This view has been widely recognized by the business community. Through packaging and marketing operations to shape and disseminate corporate image, develop and cultivate brand names, and brand-name products often obtain multiple extraordinary total economic benefits in market competitiveness.

Successful companies in the international market often use packaging strategies in the CIS (corporate identity system), that is, the corporate image strategy. In a broad sense, CIS is essentially a package of corporate image. Through packaging, companies display their intrinsic quality and perfect image to win markets and consumers. Therefore, the overall corporate image packaging and packaging strategy has become the mainstream of modern corporate culture.

DuPont, the United States, has made a famous assertion about merchandising: that is, 63% of consumers make purchase decisions based on product packaging. This view is widely recognized as the Dupont Law. This shows that the important relationship between product packaging and marketing. "Rely on packaging sales" is a common marketing tool for enterprises. Therefore, packaging design must focus on strategy.

1. Protection of goods

Protecting goods and convenience are the basic principles of packaging. The packaging should ensure that the appearance of the product is not lost, and the product should be protected as far as possible so that the internal quality is not destroyed.

To protect the goods, one is to protect the structure and framework of the goods, the second is to protect the brand's logo, and the third is to ensure that the packaging is obviously personal and will not be misused.

2. Easy to use

The packaging must have features that enable customers to carry, handle, store, and use the product more conveniently from the decision to purchase and use the product. Convenient packaging can increase brand loyalty, such as the pull ring of the beverage and the packaging of canned food, because each time it is eaten. It is difficult to open, so eating less is also an important reason.

3 highlight the personality of landscaping

Products with individuality can stand out in similar products, and can only leave consumers with a deep impression. Through the packaging's shape, color and color tone, picture design and packaging material design and selection to see the inherent characteristics of the product, such as the packaging of perfume The design is so bizarre that the packaging of moon cakes is ever-changing, full of changes, new ideas and features, giving people a feeling of beauty.

4 novel and unique

The novel and unique packaging is more conducive to marketing and purchase, thereby enhancing the charm of the product. The novelty should be emphasized and developed in terms of shape, color, and materials, such as the shape of the bottle of Coca-Cola.

5. Diversity

Brand packaging should pay attention to diversity, with colors, patterns, and fonts to display the image of the prominent personality. It can be said that packaging is also the most closely related to advertising, and may also reflect the guiding nature of the use of goods, but the diversity of packaging is not messy. With regard to sexuality and complexity, attention should be paid to simplicity, environmental protection, beauty, and practicality, so as to achieve a multiplier effect.

6. Unified display

Packaging design as an external image, with the brand representative of the content of the product, can be seen at a glance to know the packaging itself, the package can display the goods, can increase the image of the product, such as the use of realistic color pictures, transparent Packaging can fully display the goods.

7. Associative induction

Packaged as a guide for goods, you can use Lenovo's induction method to highlight the image and attract love and consumption. If you use elegant, implied packaging, Lux watches elegant appearance and packaging, reflecting its noble character.

In summary, using diversified and unique techniques to enhance the vividness of the packaging can provide effective help for brand development.

Package update strategy

The goal of renewing packaging is to improve the packaging and bring vitality to the products that are at a disadvantage; secondly, to improve and update the packaging to make products that are in hot pursuits icing on the cake.

Now that the market is changing, products are updated very quickly and best-selling products are not always sold well. However, in general, when a product is in a hot period, it is less likely that it will want to improve its packaging. Only when the product enters a period of unsalable sales will it begin to realize this problem. This is extremely undesirable. If you want to keep the momentum of the best-selling products, in addition to the improvement of the products themselves, it is a good idea to constantly improve the packaging.

At the same time, due to the increasing development of science and technology, new processes, new technologies, and new packaging materials are bound to replace old packaging processes and materials, creating conditions for companies to develop new products and markets; secondly, changes in people’s consumption habits, and promote packaging. Constantly updated. For example, due to the acceleration of the rhythm of modern people's life, requiring less time and labor for housework, and the gradual socialization of housework, various convenience foods, canned foods have emerged, and various new types of packaging have been produced, such as reusable food bags. Baked food boxes, beverage composite paper cans, convenient cans, etc. also came into being.

In addition, changes in sales methods have also led to the updating of packaging. For example, with the advent of supermarkets, customers rely on packaging to “introduce themselves” when selecting products. Therefore, packaging should highlight the image of the product, and trademarks and written descriptions must be very eye-catching.

There are several ways to improve the update package:

1. The drastic change method gives a drastic change to the original packaging, changes its original appearance, and presents itself to consumers in a brand-new situation.
2. The reform method maintains the original and reasonable part. By changing the “deficient”, it brings new ideas, so that consumers still feel “although they are still familiar” and avoid giving people the feeling of being in a stranger;
3. The gradation method often makes some minor improvements to the original design. When the consumers are not aware of it, adjusting the structure, text arrangement, etc., at first glance is still the original style, but it appears in front of consumers with a more coordinated and novel appearance.

The packaging in the modern market competition should focus on the significance of commodity noumenon, interest, and marketability, and pursue the specific values ​​of multiple personality stylization to meet the needs of consumers. Packaging should be a driving force to promote consumer buying desires.

The French sociology expert Jan Podreyyar once said: "The object wants to be transformed into a consumer product must be a sign." In today's mature consumer society, what consumers are looking for is no longer a commodity as an item. Only when they value the intrinsic quality of products and develop new products, but also attach importance to product packaging and continuous exploration, can we make our products Fierce market competition is invincible.

All in all, the packaging update of the best-selling product lies in a better and more innovative product, which allows consumers to feel that the company's products are constantly being refurbished and that they are constantly updating and rejuvenating. They feel that the company has vitality, thereby increasing trust and confidence in the company and its products. Promote sales and market prosperity.

Cui Fengxia

Reprinted from: Food Horde

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