Cosmos Machinery Introduces New Thin Wall Injection Molding Machine

Datong Machinery Co., Ltd. recently launched an injection molding machine specifically for thin-walled container products, suitable for thin-walled products with a wall thickness of 0.45mm or less.

It is reported that this series of EC injection molding machine is a special injection molding machine for tableware, and it is a new type of machine developed by Datong Machinery for thin plastics, short molding cycles, and high production efficiency of general plastic (such as PP, PE) products. The main features of the EC model include: fast and stable opening and closing of the mold, short cycle time; can be quickly and accurately continuous injection, can ensure product accuracy and quality stability; use the plastic aspect ratio of 24:1 Screw, with titanium-plated metal check ring, plastic parts efficient and durable; with high-precision hydraulic valves and dead-cycle control, machine switching action response is sensitive, accurate location; with open mold synchronous plasticization function, so that the product production cycle is shorter .

Reprinted from: China Chemical News

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