High-strength waste paper pulping method

High-strength wet waste paper includes waste paper banknotes, banknotes from banknote printing plants, waste moisture-resistant packaging paper and packaging cardboard, waste fruit growth bagging paper, and waste paper products. With the increasing use of paper, the amount of high-strength strong paper and paperboard with different types of different uses will continue to increase, and the reuse of high-strength wet paper will become a concern for such waste paper recycling companies. . At present, the main problem plaguing the process of high-strength strong paper recycling is how to use an economical and effective method to pulp such waste paper for recycling. The process technology adopts the method of non-high pressure and high temperature cooking. Under the principle of high efficiency and low pollution, it provides a feasible process route for the pulping treatment of a variety of high humidity and strong waste paper. Through this process, waste paper is wetted. The intensity of destruction is thorough and the slurry strength performance is good. At the same time, the pulping process is basically free of pollution to the environment.

Because the pulping process adopts the atmospheric pressure treatment, compared with the traditional high-pressure cooking method, it has the advantages of low steam load, short processing time, low equipment cost, and easy operation and maintenance. At the same time, a relatively simple chemical treatment is used in the pulping process, and basically no waste water is produced in the pulping process, so that the entire process greatly reduces the production cost.

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