Experience in purchasing a custom miniature air pump

Our oxygen analyzer needs a miniature vacuum pump with a pumping flow of 1.8L/min. It requires at least a full load for nine months of continuous operation. We have been using Chengdu Qihai Company's products, but they do not have ready-made products to meet our needs. Several domestic products were selected for trials, and some of them can still be used for a long period of time. However, they are prone to failure. Although they have a long life, their reliability is too poor, and the probability of failure during the life cycle is high and it is not easy to use. Under the rogue, try to contact with Chengdu Qihai to see if we can make a 1.8L/min long-life pump for us. It's OK to have two sets! They have been custom-made into PK special products according to our requirements, 12V, flow rate is 1.8L/min, and about 200 units have been used in batches. The long service life is the key to high reliability and virtually no failure during the service life. In fact, if they do not meet the specifications you require, you can completely request them to order because they are specialized in micro-pumps, with a large number of specifications and models, and a wide variety of parts. It is possible to replace a permutation and combination to meet your needs. Only minor changes, not imagined movements, will have to be invested in molds.

Semi-Automatic L-Bar Sealer Shrink Packing Machine

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