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Reviewer: Blue blossoming brand: Mele test shoes: female amphibious shoes R387766 37.5#
Assessment location: hiking, hiking, upstream, Olympic Park

Let me introduce this brand first:
First of all, I would like to thank Meleco and Greenfield for this free evaluation activity. The first time it was selected, it was very happy. It was also the first time I wrote a review. The essay is not very good. Please bear with me.
Merrell, the US's top technology outdoor brand, was founded in 1981 by Randy Merrell, who loves mountaineering. He created the technology of cowboy boots. He came from a deep understanding of shoes and never compromised on the function of shoes. , laid the position of Merrell's king in outdoor shoes. After 28 years of continuous innovation and development, we have always adhered to people-oriented innovation and technology. Our collection of unique proprietary technologies and the use of high-end durable materials and cutting-edge technology materials have created a wide range of outdoor function series and technological leisure series, making Merrell shoes Absolute comfort and functionality. The product incorporates outdoor technology and fashion elements to create a unique and personal image.

Q-FORM female patented technology.
Super tough nylon mesh surface, light, anti-tearing, drainage, breathable, chic, elegant, comfortable feet.
PU toe protection structure.
A EGIS antibacterial technology inside.
EVA midsole structure; cushioning, stable.
AIR-CUSHION cushioning air cushion on the heel.
VIBRAM Professional Rubber Outsole; Knife Crack Design, Grip, Non-slip
The above two shots were taken when I first got them. When I got my shoes, I felt a bit like the design of a dance shoe worn by a child. The shoes were lightweight, comfortable, and sporty. They were stylish, colorful, and dynamic. I prefer sky blue, so I chose this one, and it is summer now. This amphibious shoe is more suitable.
Insole Description:

This is the insole inside the shoe. I quite like the design of the insole. It is relatively simple, and the design is unique. The key is the breathable effect is better, and it is very comfortable to step on the sole of the foot. This is due to the credit of the AIR-CUSHION® cushioning air cushion on the heel. The air-cushion suspension system has no feeling at the speed of walking, and can feel a strong sense of feedback on the heel area when brisk walking, but it is not very strong.
The shape of the shoe is introduced:

MERRELL this Cenxi shoes looks very beautiful, blue and gray, side and back are printed with beautiful patterns do embellishment, lace is a Velcro, printed above the beautiful MERRELL's LOGO. The shoes are in the form of tear-off tabs, which are easy to tear, stick, and wear. Shoes look impeccable from the exterior design, in addition to adhering to the consistent style of hiking shoes, adding a lot of contemporary popular dynamic design elements are very strong, the whole gives a dynamic, atmospheric sensory enjoyment.
The feeling of new shoes gives a comfortable fit. All interior designs basically conform to the foot structure, and it seems to be long on the feet compared with the previous ones. The production process of the entire shoe is also very fine. The stitches of the stitches are even and dense, and no thread is exposed. There is also no problem with grinding the joints.

Experience time: Saturday (May 15, 2010) Experience location: Olympic Park, hiking

Experience after experience:
When walking, it feels that the shoes are very close to the feet. There is no need for the new shoes to be worn in. The design of the insole and the sole is comfortable, and it feels soft and soft on the soles of the feet. After walking for about 2 hours, there was no blistering, and basically there was no sweating. It was estimated that it was faster and more comfortable. The feet were still very dry. The flexibility of the soles is relatively soft, and walking on these shoes is a good choice.
The slightly toe cap provides good protection for the toes, especially the thumb, and the connection between the upper and the sole is reassuring.

Experience location: Mountain climbing, upstream experience time: Saturday (June 5, 2010)

In the rough road, the suspension system has fully played its role, especially when it is downhill, the impact on the ankles and knees is obviously relieved, and the effect is more significant in the case of weight-bearing.

In the climbing, the grip and slip resistance of this shoe is very good. No matter it is gravel road, original woodland or cement stairs, it all performs well.

Walking in the water does not have a heavy feeling, and after the water is discharged, the shoes are taken off and thrown away. It takes a long time for the shoes to be in a semi-dry state, which may be related to the use of non-hydrophilic materials for the shoes. Feeling the grip of the shoes on the wet stones, the effect is very good.

When walking in the water, there is not a lot of water in the shoes, and the water is quickly discharged after the feet are lifted. Wearing bare feet feels good and I can't feel my feet. After the back and the insole is really comfortable, it is recommended to take off the socks when you go upstream. Walking in the water, the shoe maintains a good grip on the mud and aquatic environment, but it is easy to get into debris like sand. After the water is taken out of the shoes, it needs to be poured down and the insole is removed. Were thrown. Knife cut pattern skid outsole, special groove shading, scratch, non-slip effect first-class.

The anti-skid property of V bottom is very good, especially the anti-skid property after watering is still good, change the saying that the last V bottom water is very slippery. These are closely related to the special texture of the sole. The quick-drying of the shoes is also good, because most of the uppers and uppers of the shoes use plastic materials, and only the areas where the velcro is used are knitted materials, which can dry out after being soaked for a short time. After the insole is soaked, the friction between the feet and the soles of the feet will make a noise. It is not known whether these shoes are universal or not. After wet shoes, there is no problem with not touching the feet or rubbing the feet. It is not necessary to take out the water from the inside of the shoes. After coming out of the water, the water quickly leaks from the side of the drainage mesh, and the upper and the insole The dryness is also fast, probably about half an hour.

The summary of this shoe:
Breathable, filtered, quick-drying, non-slip, protects the toes with lightweight quick-drying mesh, the shoe body is stable and beautiful; the toe PU hardened shoe protects the toes completely and protects the stone when kicked The safety of the toes is such as hard objects such as branches. Special V drainage non-slip sole, special groove shading, providing good drainage performance and land and underwater non-slip function, whether it is professional Caoxi, or summer usually wear, can feel the intimate of this shoelace Feelings.

One of the characteristics of this shoe is that it has no tongue, and it is definitely faster than some of the shoes with tongues. Because the feet are hollow during climbing, take care not to scratch the branches. It is recommended that you choose to compare with the foot, because the MERRELL shoes belong to Europe and the United States version, slender, feet in front of both sides are suitable for a blank piece. Just as buffer space.

Personally think: apply to summer usually work, indoor and outdoor activities, outdoor is a simple trekking and camping Creek, camp activities, low-intensity activities can still be. You can't wear this shoe on a mountain with bad walking conditions, and you'll be concerned that the instep will be scratched by branches and Other miscellaneous things, and you're worried that your instep is bitten by worms and snakes.

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