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Maple is divided into soft maple and hard maple. It is a temperate wood. It is produced in the south of the Yangtze River basin until Taiwan, and is produced in the eastern United States. The wood is grayish brown to grayish red, the annual rings are not obvious, the official holes are many and small, and the distribution is even. The maple grain is staggered, the structure of the kidney is fine and uniform, the light weight is hard and the pattern is excellent. Easy to process, the cut surface is not smooth, and it is easy to warp when dry. The paint has good coating performance and strong glue. Mainly used for sheet metal thin surface.

Maple (MAPLE), which belongs to the genus Maple and Maple, is also known as maple. It has more than 150 varieties in the world and is widely distributed. It is produced in North America, Europe, Northern Africa, Eastern and Central Asia. Maple is divided into two categories according to hardness. One type is hard maple, also known as white maple and black maple, and the other is soft maple, also known as red maple and silver maple. Soft maple is about 25#Percent# lower than hard maple. Therefore, hard maple is far superior to soft maple in terms of surface and price. The most famous varieties of maple are ACERSaccharum and A. nigmum from North America, commonly known as "Canada Maple". The Canadian flag has a maple leaf pattern. The wood is moderately hard, the wood is dense, the pattern is beautiful, the gloss is good, and the wood grain is often in the shape of a bird's eye or a tiger's back, which is a high-grade wood for decoration. Maple (Maple) has a long history in the United States and Europe. Early maple ash was used as soap. In the 1920s, maple was used for aircraft propellers. Until now, maple is still the upscale of furniture, flooring and sports equipment. The material, the sap of sugar maple is the raw material for making sugar, the maple sugar is incomparable to sucrose, and the "Maple Sugar Festival" in Canada is an annual traditional festival.

Maple has a wide distribution in China. It is produced in the south to Yunnan and from north to northeast. For example, the color wood produced in the northeast is one of them. In China, it is a special wood for the shoe and the shoe factory of the textile factory. Due to differences in production areas and varieties, some domestic maple wood is soft, the structure is loose, the pattern is not obvious, and the gloss is poor, which is different from the maple produced in Europe and America. However, there are some varieties in China that are similar in quality to imported products, and the quality is good. In particular, some of the plates also have bird-eye and tiger-back patterns, which is the top grade in maple.

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