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From the new line of sight, look at sheet-fed double-sided XK-100 carton forming machines to help you grow with the development of printing technology and people's requirements for business cards. Offset printing cards have become mainstream in the business card market, coupled with the low cost and profit of offset printing business cards. High, can print a variety of grades of color business cards to meet the printing requirements of different users. Therefore, the small color offset business card machine is now a must-have equipment operated by the business card company. Nowadays, there are about a dozen brand names and various models on the market. The price ranges from a few thousand dollars to a few ten thousand yuan. How to buy a satisfying business card machine is the most concern for users. Users introduce several issues that need to be noted when purchasing a business card machine:

1, according to their own business scale, determine the purchase level. Commonly used offset printing business card machines on the market, whether they are three or four thousand yuan minicomputers or more than ten thousand yuan high-end machines, the printing principle is actually the same, all use the PS version of the printing ink separation principle printing, minicomputers and high-end Compared with the speed adjustment and printing speed, the machine generally does not have much difference in quality when printing ordinary color registration business cards. Therefore, before you purchase, you must consider your own business scale. That is to say, if the business card companies you run are small in small and medium-sized towns or business card companies, the daily business volume is not large (such as the average daily business volume of offset business cards. Several boxes or dozens of boxes), it is best to give priority to buying a small machine (such as the Tianjin-built new ultra-small color offset printing business card machine), it can fully meet the business needs of the general small and medium business card, do not have to press the funds, in It is also economically reasonable. If the business card company you operate is located in a large and medium-sized city and has a large scale, or you have a number of live points in addition to the outlets, and professionally process a large number of business cards (an average of tens of boxes or hundreds of boxes of business cards are printed each day), you can Consider buying a high-speed offset business card machine with high speed and high precision.

2, understand the overall printing speed of the business card machine more than 10,000 yuan in the high-end machine in its promotional materials and product performance are nominal nominal speed of the business card machine is 25 - 100 / minute, but this is just the speed of the motor card machine, Does not represent the overall speed of the business card machine. Because printing a box of cards to do pre-press adjustment, color change, wash ink and other processes, so the card machine adjustment speed, wash ink speed is the real key to reflect a good business card machine. Adjusting the speed refers to hanging the PS plate onto the cylinder of the offset printing machine, and then adjusting the world, the left and right sides, and the skewed version until the time required to print the first qualified business card. Most offset printing business cards adjust the left and right sides and the obliqueness of the edition. It is very easy, but it is different when adjusting the world. At present, the general adjustment mechanism of the world of the business card machine adopts the conventional fixed center-to-center worm gear transmission adjustment mode (that is, the heaven and earth adjusting device is on the left front side of the machine). ) When adjusting the world, first loosen one or two locking screws, then turn the adjusting screw, adjust the approximate position, and then lock the two fixing screws. If the position of the world is not correct, also release the two locking screws, and then finely adjust the adjustment screw until the world is adjusted to the correct position. Another adjustment method (such as the South Color Printing King III machine) adopts an open worm gear transmission adjustment mode (a heaven and earth adjustment device on the center axle). When adjusting the world, only one locking screw must be loosened. Users will be able to see at a glance if they make adjustments and adjust speed. The adjustment of the top-grade imported business card machine is controlled by digital control. There is no mechanical adjustment screw or screw on the outside of the machine. The adjustment is more convenient and quick. However, because the price is too high, it is difficult to recover the cost. Therefore, there is no market guarantee. Recommended purchase. In addition, in the automatic cleaning of ink, some business card machines need to wash ink 5-10 minutes, and some business cards only need 1-3 minutes, and some machines in the automatic washing, because the ink is not clean, but also need to ink Roller unloading wipes one by one with a rag, which will waste a lot of time, indirectly reduce the work efficiency, so the user must let the dealer demonstrate the wash process when purchasing the machine.

3, understand the overprinting accuracy of the business card machine and the quality of ink wash high-grade offset printing business card machine printing accuracy of the business card printing quality plays a decisive influence, in the test business card machine overprint accuracy, it is generally the first time printed good business cards Put it back into the machine and print it on the premise of not making any adjustments, so that overprinting precision business card machines will not produce ghost images, and some overprinted business cards machines will not produce ghost images after three consecutive reprints. The text is not out of shape. In addition, the world adjustment device of the business card machine also determines the printing accuracy: if the backlash between the heaven and earth adjusting screw gears of some domestic machines is too large, its direct performance is that the adjusting screw is greatly moved before and after the screw moves, and the adjusting screw is twisted. After 3 rounds or even more than half a turn, the push paper teeth can only be driven forward. The adjusting distance is not easy to grasp. There are some slots on the locking screws of the world name adjustment device of the business card machine. After the adjustment, the screws can only be tightened by hand and cannot be used. The tool (screwdriver) is locked so that when the machine runs at high speed or in large quantities, errors in the world can affect the overlay accuracy. In the purchase test, it is best to manually twist the locking screws of the world to see if it is easy to loose or whether the neutral is large. Washing ink quality will also have a certain impact on the quality of business card printing, especially when printing high-end four-color business cards, if the ink is not clean, it will affect the accuracy of business card color. When testing, the user may request that the manufacturer first print with black ink, and directly print light-colored ink (such as yellow) after the machine automatically cleans the ink. Observe whether the color of the ink printed on the paper is mixed. For machines that do not have obvious color mixing, at the time of purchase Can be given priority. For example, if the color printed on the paper is dark or the color is mixed, it indicates that the automatic ink washing quality of the business card machine is not very good.

4, understand the full version of the business card machine printing effect of the field a lot of professionally designed business cards often use the full version of the field anti-white or large area color block anti-white text. Some business cards have poor water quality due to their unreasonable design, poor printing pressure, or poor ink balance. Often, when printing in full-scale printing, horizontal watermarks or uneven ink color appear on business card paper. Therefore, when buying a business card machine, it is best to allow dealers to demonstrate the full version of the field printing effect. Special Note: With the popularity of the business card machine, it will inevitably lead to a reduction in the price of business cards, resulting in fierce competition among business card companies. Therefore, when buying a business card, don't just consider the dealer's oral promotion or the price of the business card machine alone. Once you purchase a poorly-priced business card machine at a high price, not only is the work efficiency low, and the quality of print and print is poor, but it is difficult to recover the investment in a short period of time. The high-quality business card machine not only doubles the work efficiency, but also enables the operator to remain invincible in the fierce market competition. The above are just a few of the major issues that users should pay attention to when purchasing a machine. In addition, such aspects as the design, pre-sales training, after-sales maintenance, and service commitments of the business card machine, users must fully understand when purchasing the product, so that they can buy one. Satisfactory business card machine.

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