Importance of Print Head Calibration for EPSON Equipment

The EPSON7910 printer was used during the last service process in Shanghai Mill, and there was a streaking phenomenon after proofing after the 4.6 RIP. Finally, the EPSON original paper was used to align the print head and the paper type of the device was selected to solve the problem of print streaks. Here's a process to share with everyone.

Solve the printing process:

1. The printer has calibrated the device and inkjet printhead when the proofing is started. It is normal.
Previously printed using the smooth flow 4.6 output has a similar problem, in the case of normal inkjet, using photoshop print when there is no problem, there are resolved by correcting the separation of the color file, so this print is also suspected to do print separation paper Not reasonable enough.

2. Due to the previous resolution of color separation files to solve such problems, they initially sought support from the R&D and product departments. Under the analysis of R&D colleagues, they also considered that the color separation document was unreasonable. As a result, tests such as modifying the one-way test of color separation and proofing, increasing the resolution, and modifying the paper type were performed on site, but the effects were not improved.

The reason why the color separation was suspected was because it was printed using the brand-name EP 313 and Supercolor paper. There was too much doubt about the accuracy of the color separation file, and there was no problem with photoshop printing.

3. Finally, by analyzing the printing conditions at the site, it is also considered that the printer is not completely free from problems only due to the fact that the print head does not block ink. Therefore, the ink head is repeatedly cleaned and the ink head of the printer is calibrated (paper using ep313). The effect is improved.

At this time, the R&D department has verified that the school color package I make on site has no problem in the company's test environment, so we can initially eliminate the problems of our software. At the same time, the product department consulted the EPSON engineers. They also emphasized that the printer calibration should use original paper, and according to the strict paper type and calibration mode, double-color and full-color printers should be used for printer ink head calibration. In this way, EPSON7910 equipment can work properly, calibration is necessary, and the previous 9800, 7800 and other series of printing equipment calibration is very different.

4. After the calibration of the two-color, the dark-tone streaks that occurred before the printer have been significantly improved and basically eliminated. There is still a problem with printing and debugging. There are white lines in the shallow part and black lines in the deep part. The paper adjustment cannot be solved again.

At this point, printer full-color print head alignment was performed.

5. Finally, after the two-color full color calibration, plus the paper selection in the smooth flow color parameter setting and the choice of the printer's ring type closest to the option, print again, before the printing problem is completely resolved.

Solved the problems of the previous 7910 print stripe, pull the road through the solution of this printing problem. In practice, the standard steps for printer calibration, the necessity of two-color and full-color calibration, and the importance of the selection of print media are clearly defined! Therefore, it is recommended to use EPSON7910 or 9910 and other devices in the future, be sure to follow the printer's operating instructions to perform full-color and two-color calibration of the printer, so as to ensure that the printer's printing results are normal.


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