Cleansing and adding anti-aging protective face

Anti-aging is every woman's need to fight, because the years go by it will leave marks on your body, how to do anti-aging? In fact, as long as you add some materials in your face every day, persevere and stick to it, I believe it will have an effect!

Add green tea : Efficacy: astringent skin, anti-radiation

Principle: In tea, green tea has the most abundant tea polyphenols. Tea polyphenols have antioxidant effects that prevent skin aging . Tea can also resist radiation, especially for women who use computers for a long time. It can inhibit skin pigmentation and reduce allergic reactions. In addition, the tannic action of tea can alleviate dry skin and is also very suitable for children with eczema.

Method: Take a bag of green tea or 2 grams of green tea, boil it in 2 teas of water in a teapot, and let the tea warm and wash your face.

Jiami vinegar : Efficacy: inhibit skin bacteria

Principle: vinegar itself can change the pH of the skin, soften the stratum corneum of the skin, inhibit the growth of bacteria, make the pores smooth, and reduce the incidence of infectious skin diseases. The type of vinegar is best in pure natural rice vinegar, and other edible vinegar can also be used. Long-term use can increase the moisture and nutrition of skin cells, restore the skin's luster and elasticity, and also make the skin cleaner and prevent the formation of acne.

Method: The ratio of vinegar to water is 5%, and 7~10 drops can be dripped in a basin of washing water.

Add salt : Efficacy: Exfoliate and oil

Principle: Washing your face with salt water has the effect of exfoliating, astringing the skin, soothing the flushed skin, and removing the oil from the skin. The annoying "blackhead" can be removed by gently rubbing with salt; after using oily skin, the facial skin appears fresh and transparent for about a week.

Method: Add two teaspoons of salt to a basin of washing water.

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