Problems to be Noted when Buying Rotary Gravure Printing Equipment

The domestic tobacco industry has reported that in recent years, the number of cigarette brands has become smaller and the number of cigarette brands has grown. The production orders have often increased from tens of thousands of boxes to hundreds of thousands of large boxes. Even reaching millions of boxes, the cigarette pack brand printed by a cigarette pack printing company has also been reduced from the original dozens to a few now. In order to meet the need for the PS version of the tobacco factory brand expansion and cigarette package cost reduction, cigarette pack printing companies should seize the opportunity to choose the most economical, reliable equipment brands and equipment manufacturing companies as long-term partners, timely introduction of new rotogravure equipment. When purchasing rotary rotogravure equipment, pay attention to the following aspects.

1. Conscientiously analyze the market demand and track the latest technology in the industry

When making purchasing decisions, you cannot blindly pursue the highest configuration of your equipment. Excessive equipment allocation of Beiren shares will inevitably lead to high prices, which will increase production costs and reduce competitiveness. For example, a cigarette pack printing company prints up to 6 colors of cigarettes, so it is enough to buy a gravure printing device equipped with 8 color groups. There is no need to purchase a 10 color machine, and the number of color groups is larger. The difficulty in controlling paper [encyclopedia] deformation, color overprint accuracy, etc. will be greater, and the capital investment will increase. However, if the number of color groups is too small, it will limit the future development of the printing company's products and market development. In addition, manufacturer information, if the company does not have UV prints, there is no need to configure the UV system, but you can set the location of the UV device to install, and increase the time when needed; without transfer paper prints, there is no need to buy connection composite, positioning stitching And secondary feed mechanism. CD printing

The following are several representative equipment configurations: 1 The printing process is relatively simple: Die-cutting stamping indentation, 6-color printing, no hot stamping and other complex post-processing processes, mainly for hard package products, it is recommended that the production of cigarette packs The company is equipped with 8-color gravure printers and additional wire-cutting die-cutting units. If you also want to print a soft package cigarette pack printing report, it is recommended to add a rewinding machine based on the above configuration; 2 If the printing products go through hot stamping, embossing process, there are two kinds of equipment configuration options for companies to choose, first This type of machine is equipped with a cross-cutting machine. After the printing, the cross-cut sheet is printed and the sheet is pressed flat, stamped, embossed, and die-cut. The second option is to configure an off-line circular press die cutting and hot stamping machine. The first scheme invests in less-packaged machinery, which is flexible in production, with many processes and high consumption. The second scheme has large investment, high efficiency, low consumption, and stable product quality. 3 If the printing job is a high-grade cigarette pack, consideration should be given to purchase equipment with advanced technology configuration at home and abroad, such as equipment with positioning printing function, UV curing unit, and connection quality control system.

2. Do not blindly pursue imported equipment In general, domestic rotary gravure equipment has reached the technical level of imported rotary gravure equipment, but also often has a good cost-effective and after-sales service quality CTP, buy domestic equipment can reduce equipment investment Risks and production costs after production, companies should give priority to choice.

3. It should focus on the equipment structure and components that have a great impact on production consumption and register accuracy.

The level of production consumption directly affects the cost of production, and also determines the level of corporate profitability. The level of production consumption is determined by the quality of the rotogravure equipment and the level of process control in the production process. The selection of production equipment is not good, and the level of process control is no longer effective.

4. Should consider the environmental protection of rotary gravure printing equipment

The environmental protection of rotary gravure printing equipment includes two aspects: First, the environmental protection of the rotary gravure printing equipment itself, such as the consumption of thermal energy and electrical energy by the equipment, the technical indicators, treatment methods and capabilities of the exhaust air, exhaust emissions, and the second is rotation. Gravure printing equipment adaptability to environmentally friendly materials, such as the ability to adapt to water-based inks, UV inks.

5. Basic Rules for Determining Width During Optional Rotary Gravure Printing Equipment

The size of the equipment suitable for cigarette pack printing is mainly 650mm and 820mm. The wider the standard and certification of the format, the greater the impact on overprinting, and the paper is easily deformed and the tension is difficult to control. Rotary gravure printing equipment with a width of 650mm is more economical in the aspects of plate making, installation of printing plates, and paper specifications. Due to the smaller size of the format, the deformation of the paper during the printing process is also smaller, which is very favorable for overprinting of printed products. The 820mm model has a wider format, flexible layout, better adaptability, and higher production efficiency. At present, DTP, many printing companies choose 820mm models, the model has a good layout flexibility, production economics, investment economy, is also a more mature domestic models.

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