Furniture market segmentation category home style is different for men and women

When the demand for individuality is integrated into the design, it is not difficult to find that from the building materials, furniture and home accessories, more and more unique design elements tend to be more gender-oriented. Adult single, off-site love, two cities... How many people living alone around us? Chinese, European, Postmodern... When you step in, can you pass through the space in this door for the first time, to know whether you are a man or a woman living here?

Style home and men are different

The light gray wall is matched with a black leather sofa with a strong tension and texture. The angular white bookcase and the TV cabinet echo each other. Game consoles, DVDs, projectors and other entertainment audio-visual equipment are available. They are placed in a simple bedroom. The high-foot bed is covered with dark blue bedding, and the bed is a practical storage space. The bright red rose flower wallpaper is charming and charming. It is repainted with white lacquered bright and white sofas and cushions embroidered with flowers and birds. Quietly displayed in the living room, the hand-painted peony on the TV wall is open, and the gold-plated wardrobe has a streamlined side, and through the gauze hanging from the top of the beam, the flower pattern of the big group on the bed is faintly seen.

The style of home decoration like this has become more and more popular in recent years. The author has learned from the designers of various decoration companies that many young owners have communicated with designers at the beginning of the installation, hoping to completely follow themselves. Start with your gender, personality and hobbies to create a space that is completely your own style. It is understood that consumers who choose gender as their home decoration style are mostly young 80-single singles. The first small-sized commercial housing is purchased as a transitional room before marriage. It is no wonder that you enjoy a rare personal life and want to be more personalized. At the same time, however, some of the owners are married, some are separated because of the work of the husband and wife, etc. Others share a city and have a large room, but still want to have their own "private" space, so Re-renovate your old house and create a "Utopia" in your dreams.

Gender furniture segment

In line with the trend of gender decoration, in the major home building materials stores, the products with gender theme and marketing selling points have also become more and more powerful. It seems that the first bathing products designed for women have been officially launched. The home building materials industry seems to have announced to people that the trend of “sex” as the key to the home trend will be popular in the bright, and some of the tiles, cabinets, sanitary ware, furniture, home textile products and other products are more prominent.

It is reported that in addition to the earliest “sex-sex” youth furniture, there are also “female cabinets” for women on the market. For example, the chopping board is directly fixed on a rotating table, and the women only need to turn the turntable gently when using The cutting board can be easily used. In addition, some sanitary ware brands also have gender distinctions in styling and function. There are even two types of washing methods for males and females on the same toilet. For the double-basin design that has been popular in recent years, there are also different pots in the same basin. The women's basin is soft and the men's basin is square and rigid. The wardrobes for men and women are different. The women's wardrobes are more focused on storage and finishing. In addition to clothes, accessories, brooch, hairpin, leather bag, belt and other women's fashion collocations are available. Different styles of storage boxes are stored; while men's wardrobes are specially designed to store the position of the tie and belt, etc.; the home textile products are even more needless to say, and the use of men and women can be easily distinguished from the color.

“Using gender as a selling point is actually the performance of the product positioning market segment.” Zhang Leiru, a designer who has been engaged in home creative design and living in Italy, said: “The home building products launched for men and women have already appeared in foreign countries, although The country is not deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, but its emergence is undoubtedly an important step in segmenting the market and enriching the variety of home products, reflecting the humanization of design." IKEA home designer Tian Ye believes that there are certain differences between men and women in viewing, taste and hobbies. In addition to the basic conditions of “practical”, women pay more attention to aesthetics, while men are closer to the need for function. Among the current gender products on the market, the appearance is beautiful and the structure is exquisite. It is a major feature of women's furniture products. Cotton, hemp, silk and other materials reflect the feminine femininity; while male furniture is more advocating simplicity, roughness, publicity and pragmatism, such as beasts. Skin stripes, quaint natural materials, heavy, flamboyant, tough, and rough become a design trend for male-style products.

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