Moisturizing makeup makes you youthless

If you want to be a beauty-free woman, then try to moisturize your makeup. The moisturizing makeup will make your skin look younger and moisturized, just like natural. Today, Xiaobian recommends a few make-up tips for you to make you look good and make a beauty without age.

Step 1

I want to make the makeup look moist and moisturize the skin, so moisturizing is very important. You can consider applying a face mask to the face before applying makeup. Infiltrate 4~5 pieces of cotton pad with moisturizing lotion, then tear a piece of cotton pad into 2-3 pieces and apply it to the cheeks, forehead, nose bridge, etc. for 5~10 minutes. Fully moisturized skin will make makeup more durable and compliant.

Step 2

Moisturizing makeup

You can try to use the foundation on your fingertips. The delicate and elastic fingertips fit nicely on the face, and the natural temperature also makes the foundation more malleable.

Step 3

You can choose the eye shadow of the pink color, make your makeup look young and beautiful, the powdery and tender eye shadow can give people a sense of vitality and vitality, from the root of the eyelashes to the entire eye socket. Pay attention to the gradient of the color to make the eyes look deeper.

Step 4

Moisturizing makeup

With the sweet color of the eye shadow of pink, the brown eyeliner is the most suitable. Choose a pencil-type eyeliner, or you can use dark brown eyeshadow to create a shadow effect.

Step 5

Use the eyelash curler to clip it from the root of the eyelashes, and then gently clip it once at 1/4 and 1/2, which can create a natural lifting effect, making the eyelashes more flickering and moving.

Step 6

Close to the lashes, the mascara is applied in the shape of a "Z" from the root of the lashes, and the small lashes are difficult to brush at the ends of the eyes and the ends of the eyes. The mascara with a mini brush head is very convenient.

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