Create a Baby Skin Foundation and get started

Baby-like white skin can be said to be a lot of MM dreams, so how to have this natural perfect skin, here is to teach you to create Baby skin makeup , learn to get started.

Baby skin makeup

Baby-like perfect skin

The key to Baby's skin makeup is that it is still fresh and natural when applied on top of each other. Therefore, the correct choice of makeup products and makeup tools, and the steps to apply is important.

1. Cream to create glossy muscles

Take a proper amount of cream on the palm of your hand and push it with your right middle finger and ring finger near the first two knuckles of your fingertips. Apply it to the entire face with two fingers with a barrier cream.

At this point, bend your finger slightly, touch the face, and move your finger against the contour of your face. In order to avoid excessive force caused by fingertip application, please remember to use two knuckles to apply. The direction of application is from center to periphery, and the cheeks should be pushed from bottom to top to level the liquid.

2. Open the sponge to use the final gap in the quality of the sponge

In order to eliminate the remaining fingerprints, we can use a sponge to gently press on the fingerprint residue. The sponge can be folded in half at a slight place such as the nose and the corners of the eyes.

3. Push the concealer with your fingers

Spread the concealer and highlight paste used in step 3 with the ring finger. Then spread it evenly with a sponge to completely blend the foundation with the complexion to make the makeup last longer. At this point, the most basic makeup is done.

4. Set the makeup with honey powder, fast and natural

Replacing the powder with honey powder is the key to the natural makeup. The white powder is too artificial, and the pearlescent transparent powder is chosen to make the skin more translucent.

In order to make the makeup more natural and translucent, before applying the powder, gently tap the powder on the back of the hand to make the powder on the puff more even, so that no honey will appear on the face. The powder is too thick and uneven.

5. Highlights enhance the overall look

Finally, a high-gloss powder is applied with a medium-sized eye shadow brush at the inner corner of the eye and at the outer corner of the lower eyelid. It is recommended to use high gloss powder to highlight the skin's transparency.

Women with dark circles can also use this method to cover dark circles. Using the light reflection principle makes the eye makeup clearer and naturalr than applying a thick concealer.

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