Ink security is a material chemical anti-counterfeiting technology

Anti-counterfeit packaging technology refers to the technology that uses packaging to achieve anti-counterfeiting purposes. The commonly used anti-counterfeit packaging technologies include anti-counterfeiting of packaging structures, ink anti-counterfeiting technology, printing anti-counterfeiting technology, packaging material anti-counterfeiting technology, bar code technology, laser printing and laser lithography, laser hologram technology and other anti-counterfeiting technologies.

Anti-counterfeiting of packaging structure——If exquisite special papers are used to make the packaging box through special process, it is difficult to imitate such anti-counterfeiting packaging materials as gold foil paper, embossed paper, embossed paper and matte paper, including hologram, micro print, One-time anti-counterfeiting seal identification for fluorescent characters, passwords, etc. Easy to pull. There are also disposable packaging, such as destructive wine bottles in liquor packaging, plastic twisted caps, aluminum anti-theft caps, labyrinth bottle mouth, cigarettes, liquor and other merchandise packaging boxes.

Ink security is a material chemical anti-counterfeiting technology

——Using special chemical phenomena produced by chemical substances under specific conditions such as light, electricity, water, heat, and magnetism to determine the authenticity of a product's logo or packaging. Anti-counterfeiting ink has the advantages of simple use, low cost, good concealment, bright color, convenient inspection and strong reproducibility. It is widely used in dry product trademarks and packaging printing, such as UV fluorescent ink, sun-induced color-changing ink, infrared anti-counterfeiting ink, and light. Color-changing inks, thermal inks, pressure-sensitive security inks, optically variable security inks, and chemically-encrypted inks.

Printing security - is a very important anti-counterfeiting technology, the more complex the printing process, the greater the difficulty of printing, the better the anti-counterfeiting effect of the packaging printed matter. The use of a single printing method is not easy to print high-quality prints, but the use of combination of plano-convex printing, multi-process printing can print high-end packaging prints. For some of the more demanding and more complex packaging prints, multiple processes such as flat, convex, concave, and silk can also be used. Metallic printing is the use of aluminum foil metal composite paper, printing more transparent ink, the formation of a special metallic luster effect on the print. Pearlescent printing is the first printing of the surface of the printed material with silver paste, and then printing an extremely transparent ink, silver light flashing 'carcass through the ink layer reflects a pearl effect. Pearlescent printing uses printing inks incorporating mica particles for printing. The print has a gloss effect similar to that of pearls and shellfish. Matte printing uses matte ink printing or ordinary ink printing and then composite matting film, which can produce the weak luster features of enamel and has a relatively safe anti-counterfeiting effect.

Anti-counterfeiting - Use a printer to spray a code or production date on the seal of an inner package, an outer package, a logo, a sign, or a packaging container. There are two kinds of bright and dark codes, which are clearly visible to the naked eye. The codes can only appear under ultraviolet light.

Barcode anti-counterfeiting - Barcodes have a variety of digital and textual information, including product type, code, specifications and manufacturers and other information, with the input and reading speed, data accuracy and reliability and confidentiality and other advantages. The bar code technologies with anti-counterfeit function include covered invisible bar codes, invisible bar codes processed by photochemical methods, invisible bar codes printed by invisible inks, and metal bar codes.

Anti-counterfeit code telephone - belongs to the computer network anti-counterfeiting technology. The anti-counterfeit identification of the code telephone has one-time use, digital uniqueness and confidentiality. After the consumer purchases a product with a counterfeit-coded telephone package, open the product package or scrape off the cover film on the label, and then the security code identification code of the telephone code will appear. Then call the system to inquire the telephone and press the voice prompt of the telephone to input the digital and password in turn. It can be sure that the goods are true and false. The United States and other developed countries have widely used code telephone anti-counterfeiting technology in the packaging of goods. China has also begun to use code telephone anti-counterfeiting technology for product packaging anti-counterfeiting.

Hologram anti-counterfeiting - such as laser holograms, bronzing holograms, transmissive holograms, photopolymer holograms applied to security signs. Paper holographic anti-counterfeit labels are green packaging products with many functions such as environmental protection and anti-counterfeiting.

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