The quality of the wardrobe details is good or bad.

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] When we buy the wardrobe , we must not only look at the appearance of the wardrobe is beautiful and beautiful, but also need to know the quality of the wardrobe from small details. Here are some ways to identify the quality of the wardrobe from the small details of the closet:

Observe the cross section of the plate from some openings. The cross section of the good plate is uniform and the color is light. The fiber is long and dense. The cross section of the plate is white with black impurities, the color is deep, and the fiber is short and loose. The flatter, smoother, denser and more uniform side proves that the finer the workmanship of the product, on the contrary, the roughening, lifting, cracking, convexity and concave of the sealing edge, not only indicates that the product is rough and easy to scratch the clothes or when used. Skin; the hardware accessories used in good wardrobes are also hardware accessories of well-known brands, and more anti-counterfeiting marks are printed.

High-quality hardware accessories can significantly extend the service life of the wardrobe, while quality hardware accessories can not only guarantee the service life. Repeated replacement may cause the wardrobe to be unable to be used normally. In addition, some humanized design will make the consumer use the process. Benefit from it.

The silent design of the slide rails and pulleys can make people switch to the sliding door type wardrobe without affecting the person who is resting; the hinged hinges, pulleys, slide rails, crash pads, etc. can avoid the collision between the wardrobe door and the edge of the wardrobe. Extend the service life; the addition of moisture-proof plug can not only improve the moisture-proof effect of the wardrobe, but also reduce the emission of harmful substances in the substrate; the addition of the sealing strip improves the sealing of the wardrobe and facilitates cleaning.

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