"Fancy stationery" is frequent

With the approaching time of primary and secondary school, many parents and students in the city began to purchase learning equipment. Recently, the reporter visited the wholesale market of study utensils, bookstores and department stores, and found that the style of school supplies is varied and the prices are varied.

The prices of school supplies generally rose

One week before the start of school until the beginning of September is the peak period for the purchase of school bags, notebooks, pens and Other stationery for primary and secondary school students in our city. More than 3 pm the day before yesterday, before the school supplies shop on the fifth floor of the Namdaemun Market, many parents and students who came to pick up stationery were gathered. In order to attract business, some merchants simply put the words "five folds" on their products.

"This 100 yuan, that 95 yuan." Citizen Tang Jinming with a daughter and a prostitute who will go to the second grade of elementary school to buy a brand handbag. According to Mr. Tang, the daughter’s starting expenses are roughly 600 yuan. In addition to the schoolbag, more than 300 yuan of supplementary books and 200 yuan of toys are required. He couldn't help but sigh, once the school started, the parents' pockets bleed once.

"The bag of more than ten yuan is only suitable for kindergarten children. The minimum bag for primary and middle school students is more than 30 yuan, and the expensive ones are hundreds of yuan." A boss in the southern gate of the book wholesaler introduced, since 2008, The price of school bags has risen slightly every year, and has risen by about 20%.

The reporter observed that the price-learning tools are not only large items such as school bags, but also small items such as pencils and books. "The price does not change, the appearance has not changed, but the number of pages has decreased." Mr. Dai, who runs a brand of stationery, said that since the first half of last year, the purchase price of a box of pencils has also increased by more than 200 yuan.

The supplementary materials are the must-have items for students. This year, the same brand and specifications of teaching materials, both the price and the wholesale price have changed. “The price was 19.8 yuan last year, and it has risen by two yuan this year. The wholesaler has given us less discounts.” A bookstore owner near the entrance to Zhuzhou Book City said that with the increase of parents’ online shopping awareness after 80, the physical bookstore teaching materials The business is not very prosperous.

Stationery toys, Lei people frequently appear on stationery

In order to grab the attention of consumers, some merchants are keen to sell stationery of various shapes and toys. The reporter saw in a stationery store that it had different shapes with straw dolls, labyrinths, locomotives, light bulbs, watches and even axe. "This kind of fancy sells five or six yuan, which is much better than selling a two-yuan, simple and practical correction tape." The owner, Mr. Dai, said that some primary school students especially like to buy such fun stationery, such as a car-shaped pencil case. , the eraser placed in the bottle.

Five thousand years ago, the Confucius of the sages said: "Knowing it is knowing, I don't know if I don't know, I know it." Nowadays, this classic language has been rewritten as a Leiren sentence printed on a stationery. The title page on a notebook in a stationery wholesale shop in Namdaemun is written as follows: "Zizi: 'Spider is a spider, a stupid pig is a stupid pig, is say yeah '." And "wow rely, I am handsome and tm", "shrimp", "chicken", "soy sauce" and so on are also everywhere on the stationery. “A lot of shops near the school come here to buy goods,” the owner said.

"Too fancy, learning tools that can make toys are easy to distract students' attention." Peng teacher, senior teacher of Yinhai School Primary School said.

Suggestion: Children buy stationery, parents should intervene

According to Mr. Peng, some of the lower grade students will play some novel school supplies in the classroom at the beginning of the school, which will affect the learning. Some businesses try their best to promote the functions of digital learning products in advertisements, causing some parents to rely too much on digital. Class products ignore the education of children.

“Parents should intervene in the process of buying children's learning tools.” In this regard, Mr. Peng suggested that parents should communicate well with their children, whether in terms of price, style, brand, etc., to inform them that the function of school supplies is mainly practical and cut. Don't blindly compare.

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