The furniture factory expires and the consumer rights defense court awards compensation

Happily lived in the public rental housing, Mr. Zhang ordered furniture, who knows, this set of furniture is quite "squeaky", has not entered the door for nearly a month. Mr. Zhang is on fire: "I don't want furniture. I will return it all and pay me double deposit!"

Half-month delivery promise failed

Mr. Zhang, 41, is the driver of a company in Lushan. On March 19 this year, he signed a public rental rental contract and wished to live in the Minxinjiayuan.

A week later, he signed an order contract with a salesman of a furniture factory to customize the wardrobe and shoe cabinet for a total price of 5,688 yuan. The agreed delivery time was within half a month, that is, the goods were delivered to the door on April 10 this year. Subsequently, he paid a deposit of 600 yuan.

On April 7th, when I saw the delivery time, Mr. Zhang could not wait to ask. The factory said that it will not be delivered until April 12.

On the 12th, the furniture did not come. Mr. Zhang called to ask, blame, the salesman couldn't get through the phone. On the 15th, he reminded him for the third time that a female salesperson in the factory said that he could be sent on the 18th.

On the 18th, I still didn't see the shadow of furniture. On the 19th, Mr. Zhang slammed the furniture factory.

Court awards double deposit

During the trial, the furniture factory provided a completely different "delivery version". The factory representative said that according to the contract, the delivery time was April 11th. In the afternoon of the same day, at the entrance of Minxinjiayuan Community, the deliveryman Qin Mou called Mr. Zhang and asked him to pick up the goods, but Mr. Zhang refused to accept it. Qin had to pull back again.

For the explanation given by the factory that “the things are on the door, the customers are not picking up themselves”, Mr. Zhang is difficult to accept. “It’s not buying cabbage. If you have a big pile of things into the house, how can you not pick it up?”

The judge asked the furniture factory representative: "Can you prove that things have indeed gone downstairs?" The representative said that Qin had used the mobile phone number starting with 133 to call the customer.

"Sorry, I have never received any phone number at the beginning of 133. There is a list to prove this." Mr. Zhang took out the list of all the calls on April 11th. There is really no number at the beginning of 133 on Mr. Zhang. phone.

Mr. Zhang requested that the order be withdrawn and the deposit refunded twice. Furniture factories are reluctant to retreat. "Furniture is a customized product. You don't buy it. Who will buy it?"

Yesterday, the Sha District Court made a judgment. Mr. Zhang and the factory canceled the order contract, and the factory returned a double deposit of 1,200 yuan.

Mr. Zhang is a sincere person. The contract said that it was delivered to the door for half a month. As a result, the furniture factory was delayed, and Mr. Zhang was angry and took the factory to court.

Mr. Zhang's awareness of rights protection can be regarded as a model for consumers. The contract is fair to everyone. As long as everyone follows it, the trouble will definitely be much less.

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