In the first half of the year, China’s printing machine imports fell and exports rose.

According to customs statistics, in the first half of 2012, printing equipment and equipment (excluding plate-making films) totaled 129.386 million US dollars, down 6.42% year-on-year; of which printing equipment imports were 1.106861 billion US dollars, down 5.39% year-on-year.

Comparing the data in the statistical table, the import volume, the import value of printing presses is decreasing at a rate of 10.48%, and the import value of post-press equipment and auxiliary machine parts is increasing by about 20%. The main reason for the decline in the import volume of printing presses was the 20.47% decline in offset presses and the 26.32% decline in prepress equipment, but the digital presses still had an increase of 9.60%, and other conventional presses were basically flat. Imports of printing equipment were US$180.62 million, down 12.12% year-on-year. In the printing equipment, the import of offset printing plates decreased by 17.61%, and the printing ink decreased by 13.48%. It is expected that with the increasing use of CTP equipment in the future, offset printing plates will further decline.

In addition, according to statistics, the import value of printing equipment and equipment in June was US$2.4795 billion, up 5.84% year-on-year, but down 3.89% from the previous month. The import of printing equipment was US$214.60 million, up 10.40% year-on-year. The decrease was 4.64%; the import of printing equipment was US$0.3335 billion, down 16.39% year-on-year and 1.22% quarter-on-quarter.

Compared with May, the import of equipment after the printing in June rose sharply, but it did not fall due to the decline of the printing press, so the overall performance fell by 4.64%. Although the printing equipment has a nearly 10% decline in offset printing plates, the flexographic printing plate has increased significantly, and the ink imports have remained flat, so the overall performance has slightly increased, increasing by 1.22%.

In the export segment, the export value of printing equipment and equipment in the first half of the year was US$ 9.8393 billion, a year-on-year increase of 12.94%. Among them, the export of printing equipment was US$ 6.910 billion, up 21.01% year-on-year, which was due to the strong export of printing presses, up 37.27% year-on-year, especially the growth rate of digital printing presses was 54.50%. The decline of auxiliary machine parts failed to affect the overall situation. However, the situation of printing equipment is far from good equipment. The cumulative export volume is 293.38 million US dollars, down 2.36% year-on-year, ink is 9.64%, offset printing plate is down 0.88%, but it is not big, but because it is a "exporter", it should cause us. Highly concerned.

In addition, in June, the export of printing equipment and equipment was US$170.29 million, an increase of 8.31% year-on-year, of which printing equipment was US$119.21 million, up 10.15%; printing equipment was US$0.5107 billion, up 4.24%; but equipment and equipment showed a downward trend, printing Equipment fell 10.29% and printing equipment fell 2.05%. It is worth mentioning that the export of offset presses in June increased by 28.48% from May this year, which is the only sub-item with substantial growth. Compared with the same period of last year, printing equipment and equipment are all in a growth trend, but the various items are mixed.


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