Can the butterfly cover overcome the defects that need to be improved in the bottle cap field?

The butterfly cap, which is currently widely used in shampoo bottles, shower gel bottles and detergent bottles, is very convenient for opening and re-sealing butterfly caps. At present, shampoo bottles and shower gel bottles and detergent bottles cover butterfly caps and nozzles. The butterfly cap is very suitable for the sealed use of liquid products. Therefore, we believe that in the future, the butterfly-covered market will not be confined to the field of daily chemical packaging.

For liquid foods such as honey, the use of a butterfly cap instead of an ordinary bottle cap clearly meets the needs of users. However, the butterfly cover also has a big flaw. Because liquid stuff is often very sticky. During use, the residue of these sticky things on the butterfly cap makes the bottle mouth very unhygienic. And later will also affect the tightness of the cap. This may not have strict requirements for daily chemical products. However, for food products, if there is loose sealing of the bottle, it will breed bacteria, which makes the promotion of butterfly caps in the food bottle sealing market suffer from great obstacles. This is a problem that the butterfly cover urgently needs to solve. If the manufacturer can solve this problem, it will win the market first.

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