Determination of trace phosphorus in trichlorosilane

Introduction of TP8000 "High Temperature Hydrogen Reduction-Flame Photometric Gas Chromatograph"
(Special instrument for determination of trace phosphorus in trichlorosilane)
I. Introduction
The level of phosphorus in the semiconductor silicon material directly affects the electrical performance of the device. With the continuous improvement of the research and production of silicon materials, higher requirements have been placed on the testing sensitivity, speed and accuracy of phosphorus in the raw material trichlorosilane.
In the analysis of impurity phosphorus in trichlorosilane, the traditional method is to convert the impurity phosphorus into phosphorus-molybdenum heteropoly acid, and then reduce it to phosphorus-molybdenum blue for colorimetric determination. On this basis, improvements have been made later, such as the determination of molybdenum by benzoxone or ammonium thiocyanide colorimetry, or the use of chemical spectrometry to measure the amount of molybdenum and indirectly convert the phosphorus content; increase the sampling volume. Although there is a certain increase in sensitivity, but it must go through the process of making phosphorus to form phosphomolybdate heteropoly acid. In order to form a stable complex to separate the basic and eliminate the interference of impurities, the chemical separation procedures are quite complicated, the analysis time is long, and the measurement sensitivity cannot meet the production requirements.
In order to improve the sensitivity and speed of the analysis of impurity phosphorus in trichlorosilane, relevant domestic and foreign researchers have done a lot of work. For example, some experts used gas chromatography to determine the phosphorus content in the form of PCL3 and POCL3 in trichlorosilane. However, the impurity phosphorus in trichlorosilane may also exist in other forms (for example, PCL5, PSCL3). Therefore, to determine the total phosphorus content by gas chromatography, first ensure that the phosphorus in various forms in the sample can be The flow out of the separation column is undoubtedly a very arduous task, and no report has been seen so far. For another example, some experts use the "ICP-MS" method to determine trace impurities of phosphorus in trichlorosilane. Although the test method is simple, unfortunately, the lower limit of sensitivity is only 0.3PPb, which cannot meet the polycrystalline silicon production process. Analytical requirements for medium-impurity phosphorus (process requirements for the content of impurity phosphorus in trichlorosilane should be less than 0.1PPb).
2. Dedicated instrument for determination of trace phosphorus in trichlorosilane "high temperature hydrogen reduction-flame photometric gas chromatograph".
In response to the above situation, our company's expert engineers have developed a high-temperature hydrogen reduction-flame photometric gas chromatograph dedicated to the determination of trace phosphorus in trichlorosilane after years of rich experience in the silicon industry and a large number of practical analysis. In the past few years, it has been applied in many domestic silicon manufacturers. The response is very good. Compared with the expensive "ICP-MS" method, it is cheap and practical, rapid determination, trace (≤0.06PPb) analysis, low consumables and other characteristics . For the rapid reaction to guide the production process of trichlorosilane, to purify silicon products, and to provide the society with better quality and perfect single crystal silicon products, it is our company's purpose to launch this set of analytical instruments, and it is also your reliable partner.
Determination of total phosphorus in TP8000 analyzer
Trichlorosilane ———————————— → Polycrystalline silicon ———— → High quality single crystal silicon products
3. The characteristics and indicators of the instrument
1. The impurity phosphorus content in the measured trichlorosilane is the total phosphorus content;
2. The lower limit of determination of impurity phosphorus content in trichlorosilane is 0.06PPb;
3. The measurement procedure is simple, just inject trichlorosilane into the instrument with an injection syringe;
4. The measurement period is short. It takes 20 minutes from the injection of trichlorosilane to the measurement of the peak height (or area) of phosphine;
5. The structure of the instrument is simple and intuitive, easy to use and maintain.
Instrument purchase and after-sales service
Before you buy the instrument, we will assist you to fully understand the performance and characteristics of the instrument and comprehensive consulting services for instrument selection. After you purchase the instrument, we can send professional technicians to your unit for the first installation, startup, and commissioning of the instrument. Regular training courses are held to provide long-term vulnerable parts and consumables. According to the national industry standards, the instrument is guaranteed by three guarantees, with a warranty period of 12 months, life-long maintenance. After receiving the user's inquiry, it will reply within 24 hours.

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