Method for calibrating electronic balance to reduce error

There are calibration devices for the analytical balances produced in Germany by Saudia, Swiss Mettler and Shanghai Yueping. If you do not read the instructions carefully before use, it is easy to ignore the "calibration" operation, resulting in a large weighing error. The following uses the series of precision electronic balances produced by Wantai Instrument Factory as an example to illustrate how to externally calibrate the balance.

Method: Lightly press the CAL key. When the display shows CAL-, that is, let go, the display will show CAL-100, where "100" is the blinking code, indicating that the calibration weight needs to use a standard weight of 100g. At this time, put the prepared "100g" calibration weight on the weighing pan, and the display will show "----" waiting status. After a long time, the display will show 100.000g. When the calibration weight is removed, the display should show 0.000g , If it is not zero, then clear it again, and then repeat the above calibration operation. (Note: In order to obtain accurate calibration results, it is best to repeat the above calibration procedure twice.) Take the FA series laboratory precision balance as an example to explain how to perform the calibration within the balance.

The method is as follows: set the balance to zero, and then continue to hold down the "CAL" key until CALint appears, the following will be displayed during calibration: the balance is zeroed, the internal calibration weight is loaded, the balance is loaded, the balance is rechecked, and the balance is rechecked. Calibration process Balance report After the calibration is completed, the balance will automatically return to the weighing state. 1. Some people think that the electromagnetic force is balanced with the gravity of the weighed object. As long as the weighing size has a small impact on the balance within the allowable range, it will not be affected by long-term weighing. Affect the accuracy of the electronic balance.

Maintenance and repair of electronic balance

1. Place the balance on a stable workbench to avoid vibration, airflow and sunlight.

2. Adjust the bubble of the spirit level to the middle position before use.

3. The electronic balance should be preheated according to the instructions.

4. When weighing volatile and corrosive items, they should be placed in a closed container to avoid corrosion and damage to the electronic balance.

5. Frequent self-calibration or regular external calibration of the electronic balance to ensure that it is in the best condition.

6. If the electronic balance fails, it should be repaired in time, and no work with "illness" is allowed.

7. Do not overload the operating balance to avoid damage to the balance.

8. If the electronic balance is not used for a long time, it should be temporarily collected as well.

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