Four Principles for the Maintenance of Modern Electronic Teaching Tools Interactive Electronic Whiteboard

Interactive electronic whiteboard is already an indispensable tool for modern teaching, but there are often many users' reactions, and the electronic whiteboard is not very obedient during use. For example, the handwriting written under normal conditions cannot be displayed, and the working status indication Problems such as lights not turning on and “buzzing” sounds during use leave users puzzled.

In fact, users do not have to worry too much about these problems, as long as you usually take care of "her" in the process of use and operation, plus proper maintenance, I believe that "she" will not lose your temper with you. Let's take a quick look at the basic maintenance items in the process of using the interactive whiteboard.

The most important thing is the maintenance of the interactive whiteboard. The board surface is the main part and important display part of the electronic whiteboard. Its maintenance needs to start from the daily use maintenance and cleaning.

1. During the use of the whiteboard, it is best not to let anything touch the board except the special pen or writing tool. This is mainly because the contact with the whiteboard is too diverse or once it comes into contact with items that can cause electronic interference Will cause damage to the board surface, so that some operations on the interactive electronic whiteboard cannot be recorded in the future. If it contacts with the magnet, it will also make a "buzzing" sound, which affects the normal use of the whiteboard.

2. Because the surface of the electronic whiteboard is generally made of high-quality and wear-resistant materials, there will be no problems under normal use, but you must avoid using sharp objects (such as knives and other sharp things) Touch the board surface to avoid damaging and scratching the board surface. In addition, under normal circumstances, do not leave the writing on the board for a long time, so the handwriting is not easy to remove. And pay special attention to the fact that in the process of using the electronic whiteboard, you can not use an oil-based color pen to write on the electronic whiteboard! In this case, you must immediately wipe the surface of the electronic whiteboard with cotton wool and alcohol.

3. In order to ensure the good display effect of the board surface, the board surface needs to be cleaned frequently. If the electronic whiteboard is used frequently, it is best to clean it once a week, so as to maintain the best clarity. The user should be reminded that the interactive whiteboard should first exit the system before cleaning the whiteboard panel. Because touching the screen when the computer is in another state (for example, a program is open or on the desktop), pressing the screen will activate the program or mess up the icons. After exiting the system, put the projector into standby mode to make it easier to show stains and streaks. When moving the electronic whiteboard, do not touch the screen or wipe the whiteboard.

4. Generally speaking, the cleaning of the writing surface of the interactive electronic whiteboard can be cleaned with a clean soft cloth. Do not scrub the screen with a dry cloth to avoid electrostatic charges. The wet cloth for scrubbing must be wringed out, and no water can flow out, nor can water be allowed to seep into the board from the bottom frame. It can also be used after trying a small area of ​​non-abrasive denatured alcohol and glass cleaner. The special whiteboard cleaner can achieve better cleaning effect. If it is difficult to remove the dirt, you can spray the cleaner on the panel and then wipe it with paper towels.

And once there are more stubborn marks, don't worry, users only need to completely cover them with the ink of the dry-erase marker, and then wipe them with a soft cloth. Dry-erase inks contain solvents that can dissolve permanent inks. If the original permanent ink still has traces, spray standard glass cleaner or whiteboard cleaner onto this area, and then wipe it clean.

Note: When wiping the dirt, do not use thinner and volatile oil to wipe the writing surface of the whiteboard, otherwise it may appear discolored or the writing surface is damaged; also do not use detergents containing surfactants such as furniture cleaners, otherwise it may lead to writing Can't wipe it off. Before cleaning, it is best to check the instructions provided with the whiteboard equipment for operation.

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