Development opportunities and market space for domestic postpress equipment

At present, China's domestic post-press equipment manufacturing technology is maturing, but compared with foreign countries, there is still a big gap. Therefore, domestic post-press equipment manufacturers need to strive to narrow the obvious gap in the shortest possible time. On the other hand, we must face up to the reality, not afraid of competition, formulate a reasonable business strategy, give play to its competitive advantages, and take advantage of its own strength and shortcomings.

With such a mentality to participate in market competition, we will find that there are many development opportunities and market space for domestic post-press equipment manufacturers. According to statistics, in the annual sales of post-press equipment in China, the sales of domestic post-press equipment account for the post-press 2/3 of total equipment sales. If the number of domestic post-press equipment is 1/2 to 2/3 of imported post-press equipment (in recent years, the prices of imported products and domestic products are close to each other), the domestic market share of domestic post-press equipment can be Up to 75% or more. Specific to the binding equipment, the domestic market share of the three series of domestically-made adhesive binding, wire binding, and lock-line ordering is as high as 90%, all of which exceed the imported products.

Admit reality, face reality

We should also clearly understand that this gap is not the true face of market benign competition, it is a reflection of the vicious competition in the domestic market. In a relatively standardized market environment, it is an abnormal behavior for companies to fall into the price war of products. If they continue to develop with the current product competition model, they will be immersed in the illusory realm of so-called products with high cost performance without arduous and persistent. In-depth product technology research and development, then domestic binding equipment manufacturing enterprises will be stuck in the low-end field and can not be improved, because enterprises with good technology may not be successful, but enterprises without advanced technology will certainly not grow.

Adhere to market-oriented product development principles

Some domestic binding equipment manufacturers have already tasted the sweetness of market-oriented development of products. The balance of current customers' choices in terms of product speed, accuracy, reliability and price is a true reflection of market demand, and this balance is made. Better, especially in the context of a comprehensive increase in product speed, accuracy, reliability and other performance, to better reflect the principles of market-oriented product development. Although domestic binding equipment manufacturing enterprises have strong competitiveness, this kind of competitiveness stems from the "unstable balance" of the market. Domestic binding equipment manufacturers should seize the current favorable market position and upgrade products as soon as possible. To a new level and height, we must seize the commanding heights of the market, seize the technical commanding heights, and use the market as a reference to effectively balance these two commanding heights to maintain the core competitiveness and sustainable development momentum of the company.

Cultural publishing binding extends to multi-functional commercial binding

Traditional publishing due to the richness of media means and the emergence of digital Printing has been obviously weak. Although there is still a lot of space for traditional publishing and printing, and there will be some sustainable development, jumping out of the traditional publishing and printing field and seeking strategic transfer is the future direction of the printing industry . Pay close attention to the rise of the commercial binding market, and research and development and improvement of related equipment products should be the future direction of China's binding equipment manufacturing enterprises. The advent of new products and the application of new technologies are important, but products and technologies must conform to the changing trends of the market, and meeting the individualized needs of customers in the market segments is the fundamental guarantee for the sustainable development of binding equipment manufacturing enterprises.

Continuous improvement, excellence

Binding equipment is a highly open mechatronic product. The technical research and development of such products has obvious inheritance and gradual characteristics. That is to say, the binding equipment is difficult to jump and the technical breakthrough is more. It is obtained through continuous improvement on the basis of predecessors. This technology contains rich and difficult to quantify experience and skills. At the same time, the technology upgrade speed of the binding equipment is also very slow. After many years, its technical improvement does not seem obvious. Based on this understanding, we should at least adhere to two product development rules: on the one hand, we must study hard to learn from domestic and foreign advanced technology, and at the same time scientifically use the company's rich technology accumulation, not only to ensure that product technology is not backward, but also to minimize products. Technical risks of development. On the other hand, just because the technology of the product has not changed much, it is necessary to make the mature binding equipment into a fine product.

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