Simulated transport vibration tester maintenance considerations

The vibration table is specially designed to test the vibration resistance of finished products or components such as electronics, electrical appliances, motors, home appliances, vehicles, aviation, and communications. In order to understand the effects and changes in the quality or structure of various equipment after being subjected to vibrations of a certain frequency and amplitude, the export products can be used as analog transport vibration tests for products.
Shaking table precautions and maintenance
First, the machine power is identified AC380V ;
Second, the power input line and output line connection is correct;
Third, the machine must be grounded (external), check the power cord should be reliably grounded;
Fourth, the article must be clamped during testing;
5. Long-term use under no-load conditions is forbidden;
6. It is forbidden to exceed the specified load of the machine;
VII. Please read the operating instructions carefully before using the machine and observe the safety precautions.
VIII. There is no special requirement to change the setting procedure;
9. When the machine is working, it is forbidden to open the cover of the chassis, otherwise serious electric shock and mechanical damage will occur;

10. Keep the control box ventilated, dry, and clean.   

11. After use , please turn off the main power supply;
Twelve, lock loose screws during maintenance inspection , please turn off the main power switch when maintenance;

13. Do not switch the machine frequently during work. Please wait 10 seconds for the machine program to self-check after starting up.
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