[Ward size] What is the size of the adult wardrobe?

[Chinese Wardrobe] [Difficulties] Newly bought house, three bedrooms and one hall, want to customize the wardrobe in the bedroom, but do not know the size, according to adult standards, ask everyone what good advice?

[Question] What is the size of the adult wardrobe?

[Best answer]

(1) The depth of the overall wardrobe is generally 55-60 cm;

If the space is not particularly stressful, I suggest that the depth of 60 cm is better, and the charges for the 55 and 60 cm manufacturers are the same, but the feeling of hanging clothes is different.

(2) The width of the flat door is between 45-60 cm, and the width of the sliding door is between 60-80 cm. The pressure of the hinge is not as good as that of the track, so the door is opened. The door panel should not be too wide or too heavy.

(3) The height of the hanging coat is sufficient to be 140 cm;

Through the practice of my family, the longest hanging gown is not as high as 140 cm, the long down jacket is 130 cm, and the suit is 120 cm long after being stored and bagged. In the previous design version, this height should be between 140-160 cm. I think it's better to do just the right thing. Unlike the storage space, it is a waste to leave more space.

(4) The height of the hanging top is between 85-95 cm;

The height of my home is 90 cm, and the space is fully utilized. If you want to be a little looser, it will be almost at most 95 centimeters.

(5) The height of the hanging pants is between 80-90 cm;

The height of my house is 80 cm, and all the trousers are folded and hung up, no problem. I have to say a few words here. I always wanted to install a pants rack in the space where my pants were hung. Later, I listened to the suggestions of others and dispelled this idea. Because the pants rack can also hang seven or eight pants, it is beautiful but the space is utilized. Insufficient, the most practical way is to use a clothes rail, and then use a hanger to hang pants. Now I have more than a dozen trousers in my overall wardrobe, and there is plenty of space on both sides. It feels very good.

(6) The height of the quilt is relatively flexible, about 30 cm is enough;

This space is mainly used to store quilts that are not used in seasons, usually at the top of the wardrobe.

(7) The height of the shoe box can be designed according to the height of the two shoe boxes, and the control is best at 25-30 cm;

(8) The height of the storage backpack is more flexible. It should be considered from the perspective of the overall design of the wardrobe. As far as possible, the size requirements of other spaces should be “flat”. The space of my house is the same as the size of the storage quilt. .

(9) When installing the clothes rail, it should be noted that the clothes rail must be taken according to the actual depth of the wardrobe interior, and the distance from the upper board must be 4-6 cm. This size must be met because The distance is too short, and it will be more difficult to put the hangers in the future; the distance is too long and the space is wasted.

Clothes rails also belong to the hardware series, I still recommend that you do not figure out the cheap. There should be at least two or three screws on both sides of the good clothes rail to fix the end. When positioning the hole, be sure to pay attention to it. For the "Storage", install three clothes rails and use my afternoon time and brains. sweat.

(10) The height of the clothes rail should be the height of the hostess plus 20 cm. Tip: If the height of the male owner is lower than the hostess, say another. By the way, I heard that a successful man likes to find a woman who is taller than himself, and does not know whether it is true or not.

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