Expert Writing (1997): Studying the Secondary Structure of Ribosomal RNA Using Atomic Force Microscopy

Abstract: RRNA was prepared by repeated freeze-thaw method to disintegrate ribosomes at low temperature. The rRNA can be well dispersed on the mica surface without extraction, denaturation and staining. It was studied by atomic force microscopy. Observed, it was found that rRNA molecules have a multi-branched rod-like structure and have good regularity. According to the size and shape of RNAs, they can be divided into three kinds, which are respectively predicted by computer with 2 8S 5 8S, 18S, 5SrRNA. The secondary structure is similar. The structural information of 2 8S 5 8S, 1 8S, 5 8S, 5SrRNAs we obtained supports the secondary structure of rRNAs based on thermodynamic considerations.

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