Pioneer of Baoyuan Wood's green and environmentally friendly home

It is understood that Baoyuan Wood is the first board to obtain the “Green House” certification. In 2013, the Green House Committee and the “China Consumer News” jointly conducted the floor and board comparison test activities, the national furniture and indoor environment quality supervision. The inspection center conducted an authoritative test on the environmental quality of Baoyuan fine wood. The results are as follows:

Formaldehyde emission is 0.1mg/100g (perforated extraction method)

TVOC release rate is 0.17mg/m2.h (72h) (1m3 climate box method)

With advanced equipment, excellent technology and strict international audit, Baoyuan Fine Wood brings new and higher quality decorative and decorative plates to the public. Baoyuan's fine wood board has a natural texture of comparable logs on the surface and has a good decorative effect. It can be directly used to make all kinds of antique furniture, farm furniture and characteristic furniture. It is an ideal choice for those who pursue fashion and individual life. The hardwood wood veneer is waterproof and environmentally friendly, stable and non-deformable, suitable for all kinds of furniture; JMB eco-board is rich in health and environmental protection, suitable for factory production of all kinds of panel furniture, and is an ideal plate for furniture manufacturing.

As a top-grade product of China's high-end environmental protection sheet, special products for national key projects, star-rated hotels and high-end clubs, high-end decorative enterprises develop plates (oriented structural sheet OSB products), traditional plates (sandwich panels, plywood, paint-free panels) Baoyuan fine wood for upgrading the replacement products, with the characteristics of “zero formaldehyde” environmental health products, widely conveys the concept of green environmental protection and health, and opens up a brand-new design for home design with the comprehensive advantages of excellent moisture-proof and waterproof performance and good stability. Space.

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