Xiaobian reveals sensitive food that darkens the skin

As soon as the summer arrives, friends who are afraid of tanning begin to be armed from head to toe. In addition to "sun protection weapons" such as umbrellas, sunglasses, sunscreens, sunscreen skin care is also an important measure by eating whitening food . But what's worse is that there are a lot of sensitive foods lurking in your life, which will accelerate the pigmentation and make your skin change black after sun! 360 Cosmetics Network Xiaobian tells you which foods are the most vigilant you need?

Xiaobian reveals the skin to make the skin blackened

  Photosensitive food


Lemon, papaya, cucumber, etc. are sensitive foods, and citrus fruits are basically sensitive. In general, most of the fruits that glow on the surface are sensitive.

After eating such sensitive fruits and vegetables, you should avoid sun exposure or eat at night, because fruits like citrus are used in the evening to become a whitening force! In the summer season, you should eat more vegetables and fruits that inhibit pigmentation and whiten skin, such as kiwi, strawberries, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower and so on.

When skin damage or burns are restored, try to eat less sensitive fruits and vegetables!


Photosensitive foods generally include snails, leeks, canola, spinach, lettuce, figs, parsley, celery, leeks, red beans, and the like. These foods contain sensitizing substances, which are prone to allergies, inflammation, and pigmentation after exposure to ultraviolet light.

Of course, these foods have their own unique nutrients. This is not to ask you to give up eating them completely, as long as you don't overeat or don't eat before going out.

fried food

Deep-fried food is good for many people, but it smells bad when it smells spicy and delicious fried food.

Fried foods are not only easy to fat, but also contain oxides that accelerate the aging of the skin, so try to eat as little as possible. If you can't help it, you can add some vitamin E foods to resist aging before eating, such as pumpkin, rubber, spinach, carrot, whole wheat bread, peanuts, sesame, brown rice and so on.

Processed food

The internal organs of healthy people will maintain normal metabolism and allow melanin to be discharged smoothly. Excessive artificial additives in the food can cause a burden on the internal organs, causing melanin to precipitate, forming dark spots and freckles.

In modern life, many foods have additives. To be white, you must be careful. Food additives such as chicken essence, preservatives, and artificial colors can increase the burden of internal organs and are not conducive to the discharge of melanin, which leads to the formation of dark spots and freckles.

Maybe, it is difficult to eat these foods that you like to eat, but in order to whiten, you should learn to restrain as much as possible.

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