Korean fiberglass paste converts human thermal energy into electrical energy

Converting the remaining energy of the human body into electrical energy is not new in itself. When scientists look for renewable energy sources, they find that the human body itself contains underutilized potential energy, at least they can be used to charge wearable electronic devices. How to collect this extra energy is the key to the application of this concept.

Recently, the Korea Academy of Science and Technology has developed a technically breakthrough human body heat collection sticker. It is made of a thin glass fiber material that can be bent into a suitable curvature on the arm as needed, and can absorb the remaining heat energy from the human body more effectively, and convert it to electric energy to charge the wearable electronic equipment. . If this technology is widely used, the battery life of electronic devices is expected to increase significantly. At the same time, this technology is also likely to be used to collect waste heat on a larger scale in cars, factories, airplanes and yachts.

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