Remember: the gel pen cap has a big effect, and it can save lives at key moments.

Many children have the habit of biting the cap, especially when writing homework, the cap is often bitten and beyond recognition. Sometimes as a parent, I am really worried, because the cap is swallowed into the throat and it is easy to cause suffocation. Recently, Xiaobian learned that the pen of the original gel pen has a big mystery, and the key moment can save lives.

If you look closely at the gel cap that we use, you will find a small hole in the cap. Don't underestimate these small holes, whether you can save lives at a critical moment depends on it. And the design of this hole is that when you accidentally swallow the cap, you can ensure that the respiratory tract is not completely blocked, reducing the risk of suffocation. Some gel pens may not have a small hole in the design, but the size of the cap is increased, so that the cap that is inserted into the throat has a continuous air passage of at least 6.8 square millimeters. It will ensure that we temporarily breathe smoothly and will not suffocate and die immediately.

In fact, Xiaobian has seen similar reports of deaths due to the suffocation of the cap and suffocation. These are because the children are young and use the cap as a toy. If parents encounter such a situation, they must first stabilize their emotions and not behave flustered in front of their children. This will easily cause children to fluctuate greatly and accelerate their breathing. What parents need to do is to help them calm their emotions and reduce the occurrence of crying. Generally, if the gel pen cap is stuck to the esophagus, it will cause the child to vomit and Other symptoms. Once your child has symptoms of vomiting, quickly use your fingers or toothbrush handle to shake your child's throat, coughing, vomiting, and expelling foreign objects. If you get stuck in the respiratory tract, you need to get to the hospital quickly.

Some of the children’s events that should not have occurred were caused by the negligence of the adults, and on the other hand, because the children were too young to understand the common sense of life. Therefore, for parents, learn to slowly instill some correct common sense of life into them, and always be alert to the child's every move, not to lose because of small.

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