The role of high and low temperature damp heat constant test chamber

The role of the humid heat constant test chamber

In the production process of the moist heat constant test chamber, the troubles caused by moisture on the product are plagued by humans all the time. In the process of moisture absorption in the constant heat humidification test chamber using the solid adsorbent, the adsorbent after the moisture absorption is regenerated and dehydrated. In order to recycle the solid adsorbent, the entire moisture absorption work can be carried out continuously. The damp heat constant test chamber overcomes the shortcoming that the static solid adsorption cannot be continuously dehumidified, while the refrigeration condensation dehumidification is incapable in low temperature and low humidity.
The damp heat constant test chamber can be used for continuous and stable dehumidification under low temperature and low humidity conditions, and can easily obtain ultra-low humidity dry air. The humid heat constant test chamber can continuously provide ultra-low humidity dry air with a dew point below 6 ° C which cannot be achieved by cooling and dehumidification, and the cost is low.
The damp heat constant test chamber has superior durability. In a clean air environment, the performance of the dehumidification runner will hardly decrease or degrade, and it can operate continuously for many years. From the standard type for general use to the low-humidity type with ultra-low humidity dry air, it is suitable for a variety of different conditions of use. The ceramic silicone and zeolite runners are non-toxic and tasteless green moisture absorbents, so the moist heat constant test chamber is safe, environmentally friendly, clean, free of floating dust and non-corrosive during use.
The damp heat constant test chamber is a dry dehumidification type, which does not require replenishing moisture absorbent, convenient maintenance, and low cost of operation and maintenance. The drive unit is simple, and only the dehumidification wheel, the regeneration heater, and the blower are operated to obtain dry air, so the operation is very simple.

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