Facial SPA plus body SPA helps you care for your body

Nervous life rhythm, heavy work pressure, sitting in front of the computer for a long time to make the skin more and more tired, lack of exercise will also affect the body's blood circulation. At this time, you need a way to soothe tired and relax your body. Let the small editor teach you how to do facial SPA at home and do physical spa steps at home to help you get rid of fatigue and soothe your skin.

Facial SPA plus body SPA helps you care for your body

Facial SPA

The face is the key part of our skin care and maintenance . Give the face a good SPA, which can make the dry and rough skin restore the moisturizing luster.

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the face

Wash your face with a milder facial cleanser to remove grease and dirt from your face. Then use exfoliating products to remove our facial keratin. Waste keratin will make the skin dull, and it will also affect the absorption of skin care products. Removing aging keratin can promote the metabolism of facial skin and make facial skin better absorb the nutrients of skin care products.

Step 2: Apply mask

After washing the face, apply the mask. The mask has many effects, detoxifying, soothing, refreshing, astringent and moisturizing, making our skin smoother and more meticulous. Applying the mask, the skin of the face can be completely relaxed, and the skin that has been tired for a day can also be rested.

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