The bedroom wardrobe has a reasonable color to choose a special language for the home.

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The color of the home is also the language and symbol of the home. It is very important to choose the color tone. Every home has its own special language. The wardrobe is a large piece in the home, taking care of our daily life, so its color matching is also very important, each color can reflect a person's character, so in the wardrobe color matching, we also according to the crowd Come and match.

[Color Reflective Character]

When you think seriously, you will find that the color of your home is really inadvertently revealing the true character of the homeowner. Every home needs a few basic elements to form the most basic living functions: paving materials, furniture and lighting. But here, we want to extend the scope of the discussion and promote those interiors that can really please us in terms of aesthetics.

Bedroom closet

Wardrobe color matching

1, red: goal-oriented, determined and decisive

2, orange: energetic, pleasant

3, yellow: extroverted but with good self-control, persuasive

4, green: love and helpful

5, blue: rational analysis, caution

6, purple: good at comforting people, paying attention to dignity

7, white: peace, good at organizational planning

8, black: conservative but also creative

9, brown: pragmatic, high task completion

Since the color can reflect the character, then we have to match the color of the different user groups when decorating the bedroom wardrobe. The color fashion cycle of the wardrobe is longer than the cycle of our fashion, because the wardrobe is a large living item, not often Replacement, want to keep the bedroom never tired of, do not be yourself three minutes of heat, this is inseparable from the color of the wardrobe and the overall decoration of the bedroom, let's take a look at the different crowds for the bedroom wardrobe color matching ?

[Children's room wardrobe color matching]

Wardrobe color matching

Children's room wardrobe color matching

The bedroom of the children's room considers the color matching of the bedroom closet, so you should choose some more lively and bright colors, or the pattern with cartoon characters. In the boys' bedroom, consider the color matching of the blue-toned bedroom closet. If it is a girl's room, consider using the color of the pink or yellow bedroom closet, some other animal patterns such as cartoon animals, characters or flowers, or some other letters or letters to imprint it. Of course, the choice of these colors is still inseparable from the decoration style of the bedroom.

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