The identification method and function of serum in cell culture

Identification method:

A light yellow transparent liquid that is coagulated by blood. If the blood is taken out from the blood vessel and placed in a test tube without an anticoagulant, the blood coagulation reaction is activated, and the blood rapidly solidifies to form a jelly. The clot is contracted, and the pale yellow transparent liquid deposited around it is serum, and can also be obtained by centrifugation after coagulation. During the blood coagulation process, fibrinogen is converted into fibrin blocks, so there is no fibrinogen in the serum, which is the biggest difference from plasma. In the blood coagulation reaction, platelets release many substances, and each clotting factor also changes. These components remain in the serum and continue to change, such as prothrombin to thrombin, and gradually decrease or disappear with serum storage time. These are also differences from plasma. However, a large number of substances that did not participate in the blood coagulation reaction were basically the same as plasma. In order to avoid the interference of anticoagulants, the analysis of many chemical components in the blood uses serum as a sample.

main role:

● Provide basic nutrients: amino acids, vitamins, inorganic substances, lipids, nucleic acid derivatives, etc., which are essential for cell growth.

● Provide hormones and various growth factors: insulin, adrenocortical hormone (dexamethasone), steroid hormones (estradiol, testosterone, progesterone). Growth factors such as fibroblast growth factor, epidermal growth factor, platelet growth factor and the like.

• Providing a binding protein: The binding protein acts to carry important low molecular weight substances, such as albumin carrying vitamins, fats, and hormones, and transferrin carries iron. Binding proteins play an important role in cellular metabolism.

• Provides pro-contact and stretching factors to protect cells from mechanical damage.

● Some protection for cells in culture: Some cells, such as endothelial cells and bone marrow-like cells, can release proteases, and the serum contains anti-protease components to neutralize. This effect was discovered by chance, and now there is a purpose to use serum to stop the digestion of trypsin. Because trypsin has been widely used for digestion and passage of adherent cells. Serum proteins form a serum viscosity that protects cells from mechanical damage, especially when suspended in suspension. Serum also contains trace elements and ions, which play an important role in metabolic detoxification, such as SeO3, selenium and so on.

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