The design of the wardrobe is not perfect, and the design is drunk.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The standard layout of the apartment, the layout design of the wardrobe generally does not have too many surprises. However, if you are irregular, you will be annoyed with how to design. The Chinese wardrobe network combines these two aspects, recommend four different cases, let you fully understand the importance of the wardrobe design in the decorative space.

Bedroom closet decoration design

Corner wardrobe: make full use of the corner space

The corner wardrobe makes full use of the corner space. In addition to the layered storage in the cabinet, the interior of the wardrobe accurately grasps the size required for each block to avoid the waste caused by the reserved space. For example, the more foldable clothes, the more saved. Use space.

Partitioned wardrobe

(Appreciate more wardrobe renderings )

Irregular Wardrobe: Improve the defects of the apartment

For irregular spaces, to increase the maximum utilization of space, the choice of wardrobe should also be based on space. Irregular wardrobes can make full use of the corner space and make sorting and storage, which is convenient and easy.

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