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[ Chinese wardrobe network ] More and more people tend to create a simple and orderly wardrobe space, from the selection of location, internal form, quantitative analysis of clothing, to the decoration of the overall wardrobe lighting, everything strives to be perfect. At the same time, I also hope that a good wardrobe design will keep all the clothes in order, which requires the accumulation of the weekdays and the use of scientific methods plus practical tools. If you want to pay the money, please take a look at it!

PART1: Four preparations are completed ahead of schedule

Selected location

Whether it's a walk-in closet or an overall wardrobe, their location at home can generally be chosen according to their own lifestyle. Think about the time period in which you will use the closet, after the shower, or before you go out in the morning to iron the clothes. Ideally, there is a compromise between the cloakroom and the bedroom, bathroom, laundry and entrance.

Overall wardrobe renderings

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Consider internal form

Does your cloakroom simply store clothes or have a storage room function? Do you want to store cosmetics, accessories, bedding, shoes and hats, and important family documents? Use a list to write them out one by one, so as not to forget details when designing .

Quantitative analysis of clothing

Quantify your clothes. How many pieces of clothes do you wear? The number of hats, backpacks, and shoes is also best counted. Which clothes need to be hung and which ones can be stacked. Which clothes are not worn all the year round but are reluctant to discard and need to be stored in a pressure box.

Simple wind overall wardrobe picture

You can conquer you without having to pay for the nanny to see the 7 whole wardrobe demonstrations ( appreciate more wardrobe pictures) )

Delineated area

Remember the 60-150-60 principle, which is the size distribution of the wardrobe from top to bottom. The 60 cm area at the top and bottom is generally used as a "sleeping area" for placing off-season clothing and bedding and occasional sports equipment. It is best to use an open, deep storage box at the height of the cabinet. The 150 cm area in the middle is the “active area” for the placement of clothing this season.

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