If your flexible packaging factory wants to go public, what are the requirements?


If your flexible packaging factory wants to go on the market, what conditions do we need to meet to learn together?

For companies that want to go public in China, they mainly meet the following conditions:

1. Regional equity trading market (local non-public company equity trading platform, mainly for SMEs)

2. New Third Board (national equity trading platform for public companies, mainly for small and medium-sized enterprises)

3. ChiNext (mainly aimed at the development financing of innovative and technological enterprises)

4. Small and medium-sized boards (suitable for leading industries in large-scale subdivision industries)

5. Main board (mature mature blue chip enterprise)

New three board listing conditions:

1. The conditions for listing on the New Third Board in 2014 require that the company be established and exist (exist and continue) for two years according to law.

2. The business is clear and has the ability to continue operations;

3. The company has a sound corporate governance mechanism and legally regulated operations;

4. Clear equity, legal and compliant stock issuance and transfer;

5. The sponsor broker recommends and continuously supervises;

6. Other conditions required by the National Stock Transfer System Corporation.

A GEM company's initial public offering of shares for listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange shall meet the following conditions:

1. The stock has been publicly issued;

2. The total share capital of the company is not less than 30 million yuan;

3. The publicly issued shares reach more than 25% of the company's total shares ; if the company's total share capital exceeds 400 million yuan, the proportion of publicly issued shares is more than 10% ;

4. The company has at least 200 shareholders ;

5. The company has not committed any major illegal acts in the past three years, and there are no false records in the financial and accounting reports;

6. Other conditions required by Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Requirements for listing on the motherboard:

1. The company's initial issuance of stocks The initial issuance refers to the public offering of shares when a joint stock limited company is established by way of fundraising or the initial public offering of shares of an established company;

2. The initial application for public offering of stocks shall meet the following conditions: â‘  Production and operation shall comply with national policies; â‘¡ The common shares issued shall be limited to one type, with the same rights and shares;

3. The amount of share capital subscribed by the promoter is not less than 35% of the company's total planned share capital ;

4, issued before the end of 1 net assets to total assets ratio of not less than 30% share of intangible assets (excluding land use rights) the number of equity accounting for its discount shall not be higher than 20%;

5. The company's share capital is not less than RMB 50 million;

6. The portion issued by the public is not less than 25% of the company's total issued share capital ;

7, to be issued share capital of more than 400 million yuan can be reduced, where appropriate, to the public than the issuing lowest part but not less than 15% of the company intends to issue 8 of the total share capital, the promoters in the past three years, no major violations 9, nearly three Years of continuous profitability.

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