Guangdong Dongguan Furniture Expands South African Market

Dongguan City, Guangdong Province is a world-famous furniture manufacturing base. The city's furniture companies use the cross-border e-commerce channel to sell products directly to South Africa. The first batch of 10 containers of furniture (including household goods) were officially sent to South Africa on October 13. The journey is about 1 month.

"Dongguan Furniture South Africa" ​​in the form of a group, in South Africa to create "online cross-border transactions, offline factory services" cross-border e-commerce "Dongguan O2O model", providing overseas warehousing and landing distribution services, breaking through the current cross-border The bottleneck of e-commerce and large-scale goods is an innovative business model.

The project has also become a new model and new highlight of export trade through the innovation of the traditional furniture industry supply chain. It has gathered scattered origins of e-commerce sources, reduced international logistics storage costs, and brought new opportunities for Dongguan furniture to the global retail market.

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